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10 Top YouTube Intro (Opener) Templates for Premiere Pro

Creating a dynamic introduction for your videos has never been easier! If you are making a new YouTube channel or updating the look of your current one, this list can help get you started.

With great templates from Elements, Envato's subscription service for creative assets, you’ll be able to expedite the production of your content from start to finish. In this round up we take a look at 10 exciting openers that bring a professional touch to your channel.

Person peeking out from behind a railing

Top Video Openers for YouTube Channels

1. Glitch Modern Opener

Glitch Modern Opener is a modular template that’s easy to use. A calm atmospheric start to your video with tones of textural glitches and geometric layers to overlay on your stills that give you great parallax movement. A helpful tutorial is included.


2. Modern Opener

A dynamic fast-paced intro for your YouTube channel that's quickly customized. Change text, add photos and video and you’re good to go! To keep things familiar: all editing is done with the ‘Color Control’ composition in Premiere Pro letting you work easily and quickly. Try using this for fun and light material.


3. Parallax Slideshow

A well designed template that has a sophisticated edge to it. Create an opener that brings your audience closer with smooth transitions and movement that feels like your are diving into something important.


4. Rhythmic Opener

Coming in two lengths, a short version at 15 seconds and extended version at 25 seconds, Rhythmic Opener is here to help you create a stylish and effective opener for your channel. It boasts fast render times, a no fuss design that allows your quickly change colours and all you need is Premiere Pro.


5. Technology Modern Opener

A sleek tech-inspired opener with a modular design to help you get your intro to exactly where you need it. This template works with video or stills, requires no plug-ins, and comes with a great video tutorial to help you get set up.


6. Travel Vlog Opener

Travel Vlog Opener features a trendy modern style and smooth split transitions. Try using this template for motivational photos and videos to create an inspiring intro for your channel. It features 10 place holders for your media as well as 10 additional placeholders for all your text.


7. Urban Intro

A great intro template if your channel is focused around busy city lifestyles and bold attitudes. Urban Intro has RGB splits, beautiful transitions, layered textures, and large in-your-face text. All in a package that is easy to customize so you can represent yourself the way you want to.


8. 80’s VHS Intro Pack

A short and to the point intro. If you are looking for a direct opener with a flair for nostalgia, this template might just do the trick. There are 11 animated retro inspired intros to choose from, all at 10 seconds in length and this templates comes with a great step by step tutorial to show you the ins and outs.


9. Shapes Modern Opener

This modern opener is perfect for fashion or inspirational vlogs where your content is trying to improve yourself and others. Layers of textured grain and beautiful light leaks give the geometric shapes life. Add your media, change the colour scheme and add your text. Template editing is done within the colour control in After Effects for precision adjustments.


10. Urban Opener

Urban Opener is a fun and charming intro template suited for anything with a sense of excitement to it, whether it’s for your daily or travel vlog. This template comes packed with over 15 place holders for either video or photo media, eight spots for text and is super easy to customize.


Thanks for checking this list out! Here are few more articles to get you going. Remember to check out Elements for more great templates and tools that can help you up the production value of your work!

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