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10 Top YouTube Intro (Opener) Templates for Final Cut Pro X

If you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel or if you're getting ready update your intro for your exiting one, this list can help get you going with a professional intro.

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Top YouTube Opener Templates for FCPX

Final Cut is a great NLE to edit your content, and crafting a dynamic opener for your videos has never been simpler: Elements, Envato's unlimited-download subscription service, has an amazing selection of templates that you’ll be able to easily use to expedite your production from start to finish. In this round up we take a look at 10 exciting openers for FCPX that keep attention and bring a designer's touch to your channel.

1. Bold Typo Opener FCPX/Apple Motion

Control colours, shapes and use any font you choose with Bold Typo Opener. This intro is text-focused, with 40 text placeholders and 30 spots for media. This is a perfect template for your Instagram too, as it comes with a “Instagram resolution” meaning; square, portrait, and IGTV-ready. It also has a help file and video tutorial.


2. Clean Opener

Clean Opener has an easy to use modular structure allowing you to readily customize the template to your liking. This template is a striking opener with tons of detail and charm. Use it to up the quality of your productions and set the tone for your content.


3. Fashion Indent

A well designed trendy typo-opener based on a contrasting colour palette and dynamic transitions to make your channel intro modern and eye-catching. 


4. Fashion Opener

A template with beautiful transitions and bold translucent overlays. Fashion Opener adds textures and light leaks to your footage to give it a glossy professional shine. This asset can have all parameters easily customized within FCPX and comes with a great tutorial to help you get set up.


5. Glitch Modern Opener

Glitch effects are pretty popular these days and this opener comes with tons of ready to use transitions that can to be tweaked to your taste. Use over 50 placeholders for all your media and text to create an exciting intro for your channel, all while having the freedom to change the duration and edit all the parameters so that you can get exactly what you want out of your introduction. 


6. Rhythmic Opener

Rhythmic Opener is a sharp and creative intro with a focus on bold typography and clean design. This template is perfect for your high energy content, whether it’s city life, fashion, or a travel vlog.


7. Urban Glitch Opener 

Urban Glitch Opener is a stylish and modern template with wonderful glitch effects and transitions. This template gives you lots of freedom by letting you change the speed, duration, position, as well as changing effects parameters and more. Create stylish video intros for your channel with this fantastic template.


8. Classic Intro

A great opener for your YouTube channel that’s looking for a classic touch. There are seven images/video spots and nine text holders that you can change to fit your style. It comes with an easy to understand video tutorial, too.


9. Typo Opener

Typo Opener is an exciting typography-centric opener for FCPX. You can create a stunning intro with over 15 media placeholders and a design that allows you to quickly and easily customize the looks to your liking.


10. VHS Opener

VHS Opener for FCPX is a trendy VHS glitch opener filled with ready to use transitions, effects and titles. This isn’t the most customizable asset for Final Cut, but it can be further edited within Apple Motion 5. VHS Opener comes with a helpful video tutorial to walk you through the process.


Hope you found this helpful! Make sure to check out Elements for more templates to raise your work to another level!

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