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3 Top Scene Animation Templates for Cooperation and Teams

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Discover three of our favourite animations to promote cooperative working in After Effects. Let's jump in and discover our top templates to help communicate teamwork and understanding.

Coworking - Available from Envato Elements

3 Top Animation Templates for Co-ops and Benefit Corps (After Effects)

These After Effect templates are available from Envato Elements, the unlimited-downloads creative stock subscription with millions of assets. Here are some of our favourites.

Coaching and Mentoring - Scene Situation

A great animation that can be used to show the benefits of creating good role models and support for a collective group.

Coworking space - Scene Situation

Build a great team and show with these easily edited animations what teamwork is all about.

Office Governance - Scene Scenario

With Office Governance you'll be able to easily and edit and adjust the colours to your liking (this is true for all the resources on this list).  Try mix and matching all three to create a scene scenario that's perfect for you.

More Video Resources…

Millions of downloads with unlimited downloads means you can try as many stock assets as you like. They’re all from Envato Elements, so they’re included in a monthly subscription. Here are a few to try:

Inspirational Uplifting Piano — Audio

A great royalty-free soundtrack for all your video needs

Upbeat Melodic Corporate - Audio

A catchy track that is perfect for corporate motivation!

Morton - Font

Try sprucing up your video presentations with a bold and styled font, like Morton.


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Envato has lots of resources to try:

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