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How to Create a Promotional Video for Your Book

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In space, no-one can hear you scream... in frustration at not being able to make a promo video! We’re living a world that’s heavily influenced by video and it means we need to start thinking slightly differently when it comes to promoting more traditional media. As people are searching for video, you don’t want yours left out, so it makes sense to make this a part of your book marketing. Let's look at how you can.

Why Make a Video for a Book?

Video Helps You Connect

In many cases, your audience won’t really connect with you until they read your book, or perhaps read press interviews with you – but how to you push them to that stage? Using social media is the key for most authors today, and with that comes a massive demand for video. You can create a good visual presence online really quickly, to the point where when your audience builds, they’ll start to instantly recognise you when you make new material. Seeing and hearing someone helps us develop that connection to someone and that can be a really important component of getting a ‘buy in’ for your book.

What Form Should my Video Take?

There’s no right or wrong, and video can take so many forms – if you’re shy, you could try just using audio of your voice, with relevant accompanying imagery. If you’re a little more confident about presenting, you could make a ‘to-camera’ promotion. You might want to get started by making a trail though – which can be useful in the run-up to your book actually being released.

What Do I Do With the Video?

Aside from sharing it on social media, your video is really useful for marketing your book – include it in any press release you send out and hopefully it will be embedded on some news websites, helping your book SEO. You could also think about showing it at your launch event if you have one, and at other people’s events like in a bookshop, convention or fair. If you have a bank of email addresses, you could also think about mailing it out with your regular communication.

A Few Tips

How Can I Make a Book Promotion Video?

You might want to invest in some equipment, like a camera and lighting, or you might want to film your tutorial video on your phone. Here are some tips to get it looking and sounding its best.

  • Use a tripod to keep your image steady
  • Turn off autofocus so the camera doesn’t ‘hunt’ when you move around
  • Attach a separate audio recorder, don’t rely on the in-camera microphone

Try a Template

Templates are a brilliant way to make something that looks professional, while being easy and quick to do. If templates for popular software suites like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects aren’t really for you, then you might want to try Placeit, where you have everything you need, right there on the website.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect, using the template Book Trailer Slideshow Maker for a Science Fiction Book.

When you open the page, this is the layout you’ll see.

template overviewtemplate overviewtemplate overview

The fonts and text are on the left; effects, colours and images are on the right and each slide is shown along the bottom, with the option to add more if you need them. As this is a sci-fi specific template, it makes some good initial choices for you to then customise.

Change your first slide to introduce your book. You might want to use the cover image if you have one, but not to worry if you don’t yet, you can choose one of the stock images provided.

first slidefirst slidefirst slide

I found a cool spaceship piece of footage when I searched ‘sci-fi’ so I’ve changed the background to that. I’ve also changed the colours to be blacks and greys, and with both my lack of imagination and very little caffeine today, I’ve made up a really creative title and author name

Hit Preview Slide at the top and you'll see the changes to that slide so far, with Preview Full Video allowing you see the whole project so far. If you want to quickly see how an animation will look without actually selecting it, you can hover over the thumbnail and it’ll animate.

slide twoslide twoslide two

If you follow the template, you’ll have to readjust your fonts, colours and animations for every slide, so it's best to perfect your first one and then hit Duplicate Slide instead.

book cover previewbook cover previewbook cover preview

Remember to include your book cover imagery (if you have it yet) and also where your fans can find out more, like your website or social media channels.

Here's a demo of how your video might look. You can see how you can get something creative and fun really quickly.

You can buy templates individually, or subscribe to Placeit and all the slideshow video makers.

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