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3 Inspiring Templates for Nature and Environmental Conservation-Themed Videos

Sustainability, climate change, and conservation are hot topics: If you'd like to add your voice to the mix, make sure it's heard by creating a video to get your message across with impact.

Try engaging with your audience by:

3 Inspiring Video Templates for Nature and Environmental Conservation

1. Nature Eco Plants Logo

The music is included with this After Effects project, where you can select existing plants (or add your own!) to make a unique logo reveal for your brand. It’s fast to render and doesn’t require any plugins to use. This template is available from Envato Elements as part of a monthly subscription.

2. Ecology & Environment Promo

This vector package for After Effects is perfect for creating a story where environmental conservation is the key message. Included is a set of animated icons, a variety of transitions and selection of logo reveals. This template is available to purchase from Envato Market.

3. Outdoors Broadcast Package

Although more of an outdoor/travel theme at first glance, this package for After Effects would work with a nature and environmental theme too. Included is an intro, outro, lower thirds, info boxes, transitions and logos, so there’s plenty of scope to tweak this to make it fit. Available to purchase from Envato Market.

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