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10 Top YouTube Shorts Templates on Placeit Browser-based Video Editor

YouTube Shorts are videos of 15 seconds or less designed to be uploaded from your phone. If you'd like a little help to get started with YouTube Short videos, try a professionally made video template to make it easy!

On this page we take a look at ten top templates for YouTube Shorts, available for free from Placeit (from Envato, Tuts+), where you can create your video right on the website, no software needed.

10 Top YouTube Shorts Templates from Placeit

If Shorts are new to you, check out How to Make a YouTube Short and make sure you're always up to date with our article, 10 hottest YouTube Trends of 2021 — which includes YouTube Shorts!

Featured Template : Healthy Food

A fun, food-themed free video template to try for your YouTube Shorts videos. It's in vertical format and you can change all the elements involved, making it fit your brand perfectly. Upload your own images or video, or choose from thousands of stock options available.

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With a subscription to Placeit you can use unlimited video templates, including Healthy Food.

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More Top Templates for YouTube Shorts From Placeit

Unlimited downloads from Placeit mean you can try as many video templates as you like, so if the above one isn't quite your style, no worries! Here are some great alternatives.

  • Try Clean Instagram Story Video, a template that will fit any project as it's designed in minimal, modern style.
  • Need to create a video for a sale? Clothing Store Clearance has you covered, with space for your product shot plus information like price and sizes.
  • Fun Instagram Story is a bright and fun video template that would work well with YouTube Shorts for fashion, lifestyle and more.
  • If travelling is your thing, make a YouTube short with the Travelling Destinations free video template. Just add your images and some inspirational text.
  • This Story Maker template is perfect for budding bloggers making YouTube Shorts. Adjust the colours and text, and promote your website in the placeholder.
Travelling DestinationsTravelling DestinationsTravelling Destinations
Travelling Destinations / Placeit

Free Templates for YouTube Shorts from Placeit

Here are four more great picks if you're looking for a free YouTube Shorts, vertical template.

Sci-Fi Custom Apparel 

We love this cute, sci-fi themed video template. Even though it's made for apparel, it would work perfectly with a brand making film or book reviews too, or a even a tech brand. Add your own media or choose from the thousands of great, free options.

Fashion Catalogue 

Strike a pose with this awesome free vertical video template. It's bold, bright and will grab attention as part of your YouTube Short. Change the colours and imagery to suit your style.

Trendy Instagram Story 

Trendy Instagram Story, is, well... it's trendy! With fast transitions and a bold, modern style, it's another video template that works really well with fashion or urban brands, but could be customised to suit most YouTube Shorts projects.

Coffee House Promo 

Have a café or coffee-related product to advertise? Try this free template geared around coffee, with appealing stock images to choose from, or you can just upload your own as it's so quick and easy.

Coffee House Promo Coffee House Promo Coffee House Promo 
Coffee House Promo / Placeit

Need More Inspiration?

If you're still looking for great YouTube Shorts template inspiration, remember to try Envato Elements, where you can download as many video resources as you like for one monthly subscription. Here's a great example:

Online Shop Vertical Promo Slideshow | FCPX

Made by Envato Elements creator BoxofMotion, this Final Cut Pro template is the perfect pack of vertical designs to suit a range of video projects.

More Resources for YouTubers

To help you get creative, here are more free resources from Envato Tuts+.

Keep Learning with Envato Tuts+

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More Awesome Free Templates from Placeit

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Finally, if you put one of these Placeit templates to use, please do let us know on the Envato forums. We love to see the projects you create!

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