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10 Top Film-Style Look Presets for Lightroom

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If you love the look of traditional film photos or you just want to add a vintage or retro twist to your images, then why not try professionally designed Lightroom presets from Envato Elements?

On this page we take a look at ten top Lightroom templates to emulate the look of film photography, available from Envato. We review premium templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

10 Top Film Emulation Presets for Photos in Lightroom

Analogue Film Lightroom Presets

Featured Template Pack for Film Looks From Envato Elements

A collection of Lightroom presets designed to give your photographs a retro or vintage look by emulating film photography and processing.

Analogue Film Lightroom PresetsAnalogue Film Lightroom PresetsAnalogue Film Lightroom Presets
Analogue Film Lightroom Presets

Project Details

This project was created by Envato Elements author 2FX.

Supported File Formats: RAW, DNG, TIFF, JPEG, PSD
Requirements: None
Program Version: Lightroom4, 5, 6, Classic, Mobile and CC

Key Features

Over 20 different filters that replicate traditional film photography colours. All of the presets are non-destructive, so they won't touch your original image. Installation and usage instructions are included with the download too.

Download and Try

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited Lightroom presets, design and video templates, audio, images, graphics and more.

Download Analogue Film Lightroom Presets from Envato Elements.


More Top Templates for Filmic Grading From Envato Elements

Unlimited downloads from Envato Elements mean you can try as many Lightroom presets as you like, so if the above add on isn't quite your style, no worries! Here are some great alternatives.

Lightroom Templates for Emulating Film on Envato Market

If an Elements subscription doesn't fit your project or you don't find what you need, with Lightroom templates from Envato Market you can keep your work on a budget without cutting corners. Here are some great preset picks for Lightroom from Envato Market:

Captured on Film Bundle - $12

154 unique Lightroom presets designed to emulate film, split into four different categories to make it easier for you to organise and choose. Effects include a variety of popular Kodak films plus some firm Polaroid favourites.

Looks Like Film Lightroom Presets - $6

24 film looks for your photographs, for Lightroom 4+ designed to work with RAW or JPEG images. Each preset has three modes: Stadart, Auto, Curve, plus the set includes three bonus presets.

20 Film Stills Lightroom Presets & LUTs - $12

Lightroom presets that emulate film, grouped into four categories: 1980s, 999, Ahenio and Alala, each with five presets in. They're designed to work with desktop Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom for Mobile.

20 Film Stills Lightroom Presets & LUTs20 Film Stills Lightroom Presets & LUTs20 Film Stills Lightroom Presets & LUTs
20 Film Stills Lightroom Presets & LUTs

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To help you get creative, here are more free resources from Envato Tuts+.

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Find more top templates for Lightroom in these articles:

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Envato has lots of resources to try. PlaceIt lets you make high quality motion graphics in your browser, no software needed. Reshot has free photos, icons, and graphics. And give your brand's channel a boost with our comprehensive guide for video marketing content creators.

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Finally, if you put one of these Lightroom templates to use, please do let us know on the Envato forums. We love to see the projects you create!

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