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10 Top Documentary Title Templates for DaVinci Resolve (2 Free)

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The title sequence is your chance to get viewers excited for the upcoming feature. If you'd like to impress with your documentary titles then try using a professionally-made motion graphics template.

On this page we take a look at ten top DaVinci Resolve graphics templates for documentaries available from Envato: we review premium templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market, plus two free templates from Mixkit.

Top DaVinci Resolve Title Sequence Templates for Documentaries

Titles Elegant Cinematic 2

A simple but elegant title sequence template for DaVinci Resolve that works really well for documentary films. Impress your audience with cinematic style and tasteful animations.

Project Details

This template was created by Envato Elements author Atamotion.

Versions supported: Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16 and newer
Requirements: None, no plugins needed
Resolution: Up To 4K

Key Features

Titles Elegant Cinematic 2 for DaVinci Resolve is easy to use. The project is well organised and highly adaptable, with 21 animated title and credit scenes to choose from. You can up-scale or down-scale video overlays for new looks, and advanced controls let you change text colours and alter positions for a highly customised look if needed. Rendering the animations is quick.

Try This Template

This template is part of Envato Elements, the stock service with unlimited downloads and millions of creative assets to help you create great videos.

Try Titles Elegant Cinematic 2 template for DaVinci Resolve from Envato Elements:


More Top Templates for Documentaries From Envato Elements

If the above template isn't quite your style, no worries! Here are some great alternatives.

For templates of a similar calibre to this pack but with a different look, Motion Titles has a cinematic feel with cool glitching features. Give Big Titles a try for a bold and colourful look. Fantastic Cinematic Titles has floating waves and particles, smooth animations, full colour control and 4K resolution. New Project Movie Titles features an abstract style that would suit serious documentaries that have a dramatic edge, like crime.

New Project Movie TitlesNew Project Movie TitlesNew Project Movie Titles
New Project Movie Titles

Fresh Templates for Documentaries on Envato Market

If a subscription isn't your speed, with DaVinci Resolve templates from Envato Market you can buy only what you need and keep your work on a budget — without skimping on design. Here are three Resolve title template picks for documentaries from Envato Market:

Typewriter Titles — $15

This powerful DaVinci Resolve template lets you create dynamic, animated text titles for your documentary. Full control of typing speed plus in and out animation styles.

Catchy Titles — $16

A great pack of animated titles that also work well as documentary lower-thirds. It's easy to customise, fast to render, and there's a video tutorial included in case you need a little extra help. Includes 12 text placeholders.

Dynamic Minimalism — $18

19 title animations to choose from with this Resolve template. Enjoy full colour, text and duration control, plus a link to the free font.

Free Resolve Templates

For free documentary title templates, try these DaVinci Resolve templates from Mixkit:

Quick Switch Text Title

Fast moving text animation with space for your logo at the end. This could be used as a title template or as a quick way to brand your documentary video.

Simple Video Mask Title

Simple but effective and free template for DaVinci Resolve, featuring text that shows video within it using masking.

Dynamic MinimalismDynamic MinimalismDynamic Minimalism
Dynamic Minimalism template from Envato Market

More Resources for Documentaries

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If your video editing process includes making use of stock footage, then be sure you're doing it the right way with our guide, Copyright for Film and Video: How to Safely Use Stock Footage.

Free Video Courses: Follow Envato Tuts+ on YouTube

If you'd like to improve your titles, learn how in this quick video tutorial from Envato Tuts+:

More Resources From Envato

Envato has lots of resources to try:

More Templates for DaVinci Resolve

Find more top templates for DaVinci Resolve in these articles:

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