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3 Top After Effects Video Templates to Promote Clubs, Groups and Meetup Events

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If you're part of a club or group, you're probably always looking for new ways to engage with existing members and encourage new people to join. Try making some short videos using templates, to help!

First, here are some ideas of what you might like to create using video templates, for your club or group.

  • A recap of what you’ve been up to! Try creating an end of year video of your highlights.
  • A regular, monthly update: Engage your group and get new members by posting content to social channels or sending out a video newsletter.
  • Celebrate a special member or members. Maybe you someone who has really gone above and beyond – been there every week early to help set up, given their support to another member, you get the idea – celebrate them with a video to say thank you!

Top Video Templates for Clubs, Groups and Meetups

1. Community - Multi Photo Frames Logo Opener

The Community slideshow for After Effects is a lovely way to highlight members of your group or organisation. If you have regular meetups or events, you could try popping the pictures of each event into the slideshow to create a short ‘newsletter’ type video to send to your members. This template is available from Envato Elements as part of a monthly subscription.

2. Awesome Company Promotion

Even though this says ‘company’ in the title, this After Effects project is so cool and fun that it would suit a variety of clubs, organisations or groups. There are 31 placeholders to help you and your members tell your story. This template is available from Envato Elements as part of a monthly subscription.

3. Event Meetup Promo

Promote your regular meetup or special event with this After Effects template. Although on first glance it’s quite corporate, you can quickly tweak it to suit your group’s character. This project has 21 placeholders for your media and 12 for text. This template is available from Envato Market where you can pay as you go.

More Terrific Top Templates

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