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3 Hip Hop Themed Video Templates for After Effects

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In 2018, Nielsen reported that the popularity of hip hop passed all other genres to capture the world's attention. When you want to build a hip hop video of your own, it helps to use templates to cut down on your production time. In this round-up, you'll see that you can create a hip hop video of your own easily with the help of video templates.

Dynamic Hip Hop SlideshowDynamic Hip Hop SlideshowDynamic Hip Hop Slideshow
Use templates like Dynamic Hip Hop Slideshow to create a modern, upbeat video.

Top Templates With Hip Hop Style

All of these templates are included with your subscription to Envato Elements. Let's check out three of the best for hip hop styled themes.

1. Dynamic Hip-Hop Slide

The best hip hop assets feel like a top music video production. This template is no exception, and is just waiting for your specifics to launch it as a top choice on your favorite video sharing platform.

2. Hip Hop Urban Opener

Energy is a must to match the fast pace of hip hop. Use this template for an eye-catching slideshow that matches easily to the upbeat music accompaniment.

3. Dynamic Hip-Hop Slideshow

This template is perfect for combining your hip hop imagery with graphics and audio. Just add them and watch your assets come to life with the help of high energy transitions thanks to this template.

The Best Source for Unlimited Video Templates

In this round-up, you saw hip hop templates that are just waiting for your customizations. And you can source all of these video templates with hip hop styled themes for a flat rate thanks to Envato Elements.

Envato Elements Hip Hop Video PackageEnvato Elements Hip Hop Video PackageEnvato Elements Hip Hop Video Package
Download all of the video templates with hip hop styled themes you can dream of with Envato Elements. 

Envato Elements helps you keep your costs low thanks to its all-you-can-download model. Not only does your subscription include great video templates, but it also offers the stock photos, audio tracks, and graphics that you need to create your video. Each download costs you nothing extra.

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