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12 Top Music Event, Concert and Performance Promo Video Templates for After Effects

If you're having a concert or music event, you want everyone to know about it! Using a template is the perfect way to create a high-quality video that will have your audience queuing for the guest list.

Top Promo Templates to Promote Music Events

Here are nine of our favourite Adobe After Effects music promo templates from Envato Elements, where you can download and use as many as you like for one monthly subscription. These are great for promoting your live stream, too!

1. Music Event Promo

This is quite a multipurpose music template, making it great for all sorts of music genres and music events. Just add photos, footage, and text to complete this band promo video template.

2. Hip Hop Music Event Opener Promo

This hip hop promo template for After Effects has a dynamic style. It comes with cool paper effects that you can customize quickly. It also features global color control and 4K resolution.

3. Music Event Promo

This template is made to represent smaller ‘event-style’ screens, playing parts of a larger image. It’s fast-paced and would be well suited to a music event at a club.

4. Summer Music Event

Brightly coloured and filled with upbeat vibes, this template is a great one for promoting music events. The download includes an opener, bumper, transitions and lower thirds.

Summer Music EventSummer Music EventSummer Music Event
Summer Music Event

5. Retro Music Festival

At 1:28 in duration, the Retro Music Festival template is a lengthy opener or display advertisement, giving you ample opportunity to get your message across.

Retro Music FestivalRetro Music FestivalRetro Music Festival
Retro Music Festival

6. Music Event Promo

A stripped back template that uses a parallax effect, Music Event Promo would suit a range of music video projects.

 Music Event Promo Music Event Promo Music Event Promo
Music Event Promo

7. Jazz Band Opener

Something a little different, Jazz Band Opener for After Effects has a cool black and white style, with silhouettes of a jazz band playing around the content of your choice – very cool.

Jazz Band OpenerJazz Band OpenerJazz Band Opener
Jazz Band Opener

8. Music Festival

Nothing says electronic music like the frenetic liveliness in this After Effects template. It harnesses all the energy of the dance floor into an event promo that everyone will want an invitation to.

9. Modern Music Event Promo

With multiple colours and transition effects, Modern Music Event Promo has simplicity and style. Share off a full show's lineup in a way that keeps audiences interested.

Free Music Promo After Effects Templates From Mixkit

The above premium After Effect templates for music promos have really high quality, but sometimes free fits your budget better. If you don't want to compromise on having a good-looking music promo, check out these three templates from Mixkit.

10. Club Promo Event

This After Effects music promo template keeps your footage dark. Thankfully, it comes with a pop of color with nice lower thirds and angled headings.

11. Event Promo Board

Event Promo Board draws viewers in with its bold, fast-moving text. The transition effects allow you to fit a lot of video content in a short amount of time.

12. Party Invitation Opener

The Party Invitation Opener features bold typography and transitions. It can be easily modified to fit different artists at your next event.

How to Broadcast and Record Live Video of Music Events

You don't need to be a pro to broadcast your concert online; even the crustiest, most DIY basement shows can live stream video! If you're just starting with live performance video we have 12 Top Tips to Help You Start Live Streaming Video and Have Fun Doing It.

Streaming Video With Open Broadcaster (Free)

Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) is a widely-used, open-source, free streaming program. It works on all operating platforms. We have two tutorials to get you started broadcasting your events with OBS:

There are lots of ways to enhance and optimize your video stream with OBS.

How to Create a Multi-Camera Live Stream

One of the best ways to add production quality to your stream is to use two or more cameras. Both within OBS and using free streaming tools from OBS.Ninja, it's easy to create and combine multiple video streams into one live broadcast.

How to Optimize Live Video for Broadcast

Getting the most out of OBS isn't too hard, but does take some minor adjustments. Here are a few tutorials on how to set up OBS and optimize your live stream video.

Add Graphics to Live Stream Video

Graphics can add important information, and are a key tool in styling your broadcast.

More Resources for Video Creators

If you regularly need to make promo videos or work on video marketing, you'll want to check out these resources straight from Envato.

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