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10 Top YouTube Music and Live Performance Graphics Templates for After Effects

The hard work of creating a hook-y song and delivering stunning performance is all for naught without also doing the hard work of building your online audience. These 10 fresh YouTube channel graphics templates for After Effects provide the final touches to make your music stand out from all the noise.

Top After Effects Templates for Live Performances and Music Channels on YouTube

These templates are from Envato Elements, the curated, all-access, restriction-free stock subscription for photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, video templates for After Effects, and more.

1. YouTube Channel Grunge Style

Available in both HD and 4K, YouTube Channel Grunge Style emanates grunge cool. Its animated, hand-painted aesthetic swipes the screen to transition between frames and spotlights your subscription button, YouTube address, Like icon, and Play button for the ultimate in viewer ease.

2. Hand Drawn Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

Draw (pun intended) viewers into your song visually. Hand Drawn Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer utilizes audio react particles and animations driven by your music track so that audio and visuals act as one. Add your logo, manage the colors, adjust details here and there, and watch them come running.

Looking for more audio react visualizers? Check out our showcase and tutorial.

3. Music Opener Neon Style/Music Award/Old Music Boombox/Radio Show/Speakers and Bass

Present your song, logo, and name in neon lights with a wink to the days when the jukebox ruled music. Music Opener Neon Style also does you the giant favor of introducing your music as if a legendary, award-winner—can’t go wrong with that!

4. Music Video Toolkit

This electrifying music video template includes graphic psychedelic backgrounds and effects that mesmerize upon sight. Also available in portrait mode for social media, Music Video Toolkit’s sliders allows for the ultimate customization of every available effect.

5. Stream Audio Pack

Portray your music with audio visuals. Stream Audio Pack let’s you conduct your livestream with background graphics emulating eq equalizers, frequencies, and audio spectrums that dazzle the eyes, while your footage, the viewers’ chat window, and the gamut of icons stay the focus.

6. Music Channel—YouTube

With seemingly countless graphics included, Music Channel—YouTube gives you the ultimate freedom in designing an opener for your music channel. From graphics that are bold, assertive, and colorful to those affecting a clean, streamlined, stylish aesthetic, this template offers a dynamic spectrum.

7. Star YouTube Opener

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. That’s the main message of Star YouTube Opener. Place your visuals inside a golden, glistening star that transforms into a three-dimensional depiction of a play button and viewers can’t help but stay tuned.

8. Music Channel

Colorful, playful, and wildly energetic, this template can’t help but pump up the volume. A comprehensive one-stop broadcast package, Music Channel includes openers, timetables, and lower titles suitable for a variety of footage compositions. 

9. Stream Chatting Pack

Launch a live stream of your performance using Stream Chatting Pack, which simultaneously streams your footage and viewers’ reactions in the chat window. Its organic, shape-shifting linear backgrounds work well to highlight the important stuff: your channel name, social media profiles, links, info, and—of course—subscribe.

10. YouTube Live Pack

Modern, clean, and elegant, YouTube Live Pack puts your footage front and center while stylishly displaying your viewers, likes, on-air time, and more. This template provides a professional, polished look that any type of footage would benefit from.

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