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10 Top Audio React Templates for After Effects to Animate Music and Podcasts

Your music sounds great, why shouldn't it look great, too? We've put together ten of the best audio visualisation templates for Adobe After Effects to help you pump up the volume, and look good doing it!

Whether you're live streaming your music broadcast, doing an event and need visuals, or just want some cool visuals while you DJ, then we've got plenty of inspiration.

Top Audio React Visualisation Templates from Envato Elements

With Envato Elements you can download as many as templates and assets as you like from the massive curated library for a low monthly fee. Here are seven great examples:

1. Audio Visualizer

Just add your logo and change the colours to this cute and fun audio visualiser for Adobe After Effects. There are six ‘monster’ characters included with four different animated eye versions. You’ll need a free plugin to use this but the information is included in the download.

2. Audio React Music Visualizer

A great way to visualise your music online, at events or live shows, this react template for After Effects includes five versions with three scenes in each. It’s easy to set up and modify and each created version can be up to an hour long.

Audio React Music VisualizerAudio React Music VisualizerAudio React Music Visualizer
Audio React Music Visualizer

3. Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

If you prefer something a little more abstract then try this cool particle audio visualiser. There are six bright and six dark versions included – you’ll need the Trapcode and Optical Flare plugins to use this template but the details are included with the download.

Audio Spectrum Music VisualizerAudio Spectrum Music VisualizerAudio Spectrum Music Visualizer
Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

4. Neon Wave Audio Visualizer

Neon effects always look great and this brightly coloured audio react template from After Effects looks good and features a simple cassette outline at its centre.

Neon Wave Audio VisualizerNeon Wave Audio VisualizerNeon Wave Audio Visualizer
Neon Wave Audio Visualizer

5. Animated Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

Something different from the norm, this audio visualiser features a hand-drawn, anime-style animation of a character who moves to your music track. The colourless drawing is offset nicely by brightly coloured wave forms and shapes.

 Animated Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer Animated Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer Animated Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer
Animated Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

6. Around The World Music Visualizer

Simple but effective, Around The World has clean animations driven by your music track. Just add your music, logo and a background, and change out the colours to suit.

7. Urban Beats - Audio React

Urban Beats Audio React is bright and vibrant. Great for DJs, live music streaming, events and much more. The download includes three templates and you just need to drag and drop your audio and then render.

Top Audio Visualiser Templates from Envato Market

If you prefer to get your graphics one-by-one, try Envato Market instead. Here are our picks:

8. Musicbot Visualisator and Audio React Background Creator

Something slightly different and a little more flexible than others, Musicbot allows you to create your own audio visualisers by using the provided shapes and colours. This way you can keep creating videos that look new and fresh.

9. Audio React Tunnel Music Visualizer

Bright, engaging, and let’s face it, slightly hypnotic, this After Effects template is hard to look away from. The download includes four versions with ten colour presets, and of course it reacts to your music.

10. Audio React DJ Turntable Music Visualizer

An audio visualiser made for DJs, this is in the style of a turntable, with the reactive animations off to one side. The supported audio track on this one is longer than most, at 3 hours.

Audio React DJ Turntable Music VisualizerAudio React DJ Turntable Music VisualizerAudio React DJ Turntable Music Visualizer
Audio React DJ Turntable Music Visualizer

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