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3 Top After Effects Video Templates for Remembrance Day

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Armistice Day (or Remembrance Day in some parts of the Commonwealth) and Remembrance Sunday, are times for reflection and commemoration of past wars, in particular the two World Wars. If you're marking this by making a video, here our top three templates to help you.

First, consider our top tips to creating a Remembrance film:

  • Be subtle. It's a delicate subject matter and every decision should be carefully considered and above all, be tasteful.
  • Keep pacing slow and steady, to reflect the content and mood you want to convey.
  • Think gravitas and respect—you can create a build and emotion as much with the decisions of what to leave out as you can with what to put in.

You can learn more about Armistice Day from The Royal Legion's website.

3 Top Video Templates for Remembrance Day

The following templates are for Adobe After Effects and are all available as part of an Envato Elements subscription.

1. Times

Times is an elegant and subtle way to create a timeline with content where you need to present content in a sensitive way. There’s a long (15 placeholders) and short (7 placeholders) version included and you won’t need any plugins to use this.

2. Hometown Heroes

This template focuses on people who’ve made a positive impact in our lives. This would be perfect for highlighting particular roles during the war and the difference they made. The style is bold but understated, and you can change the colours, text and fonts to suit.

3. Postwar History Slideshow

Whatever form your Remembrance takes, Postwar History Slideshow can help you share the content in a tasteful and suitable way. The style uses sketches and newspaper print, with the ability to add your own content and timeline.

More 'Top Templates' to Help Create Your Video

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