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3 Top Video Templates for eSports: Channel Identity (Motion Graphics) Packs

Be sure that your audience can spot your content in a heartbeat with these Top Three Video Templates for eSports Channels. You can download these templates from Envato Elements, where they're all included in your subscription!

Top Motion Graphics Packs for eSports Broadcasts

1. Game Zone (Broadcast Pack) for After Effects

Everything you need to broadcast your gaming channel in one neat package for After Effects. The download includes an opener, closer, animated backgrounds, transitions, lower thirds and much more!


2. YouTube Subscribe for Premiere Pro

This comprehensive pack is perfect for your YouTube channel, so your esport videos will be instantly recognisable as you. There are eight templates included including overlays, end cards, and lower thirds.


3. Dark Fields (Broadcast Pack) for After Effects

While designed for a TV show, the HUD design of this broadcast pack means it would suit esport and gaming videos down to the ground, and help you keep everything looking on brand. The download includes lower thirds, an opener, animated backgrounds and much more.


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