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3 Top eSports Video Logo Animation Kits for After Effects

eSports (electronic sports) are gaming events, with participants usually competing for prizes. eSports build big followings and communities, so it’s no surprise that the number of associated videos and streams are on the rise.

Try our top tips when you’re making an eSports video:

  • Find your style. Don’t try to be everything all at once, better to find your niche and do it well than to attempt to cover a lot of things, poorly.
  • Choose your casting method carefully. Play-by-play will require a host who can quickly and articulately describe what’s going on in an engaging way. Colour casting (or analytical casting) makes use of interesting ‘padding’ like facts about the gameplay, jokes, and strategies.
  • Keep continuity within your branding. Templates are useful for this as you can change a professionally made product to fit your colours and style, easily.
  • The cake is a lie.

For more tips, read our full guide to eSports branding.

Here are three of the best After Effects templates to make sure your logo reveal hits the spot. These downloads are all part of an Envato Elements subscription, so you can use as many as you like once you’re signed up.

1. Simple Reflection Logo

This simple logo template for After Effects is generic enough to work well for any eSport video, with a reflection that gives a nod to gaming or tech. The template includes alpha channel and there’s a video tutorial included to help you if you get stuck.


2. Game On! Logo Reveal

If you prefer your gaming logo reveals to have a retro edge, then you’ll love this After Effects template. An old-style controller appears, leading by its wire to your logo. There’s a modern version included too, in case vintage isn’t quite your style.


3. Digital Glitch Logo

Digital Glitch Logo for After Effects is a hi-tec reveal with an easy to use, well structured template. Just change the colours and text, and add your logo.


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