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21 Top YouTube Channel Templates and Graphics for Premiere Pro (3 Free)

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If you're ready to start sharing broadcasts around the world, or maybe already have been for a little while, check out the YouTube broadcast templates for Premiere Pro in this collection—these packs contain professionally designed motion graphics to help with every aspect of your channel.

Envato Elements is the best option if you're a video creator looking for channel graphics for Premiere Pro. For a low monthly fee, you'll have unlimited Premiere Pro templates, video templates, stock video, and more.

But what if you're only starting your YouTube channel and don't want to spend on a subscription yet? We also have a selection of After Effects templates to buy individually on Envato Market. Plus, scroll down and we'll show some top free YouTube templates from Mixkit, part of the Envato family, to get you started.

Top YouTube Templates for Premiere Pro

Elements for Youtube and Intro Templates for Premiere Pro

Grow your Youtube channel with these Premiere Pro templates. This file features more than 300 content tools to enhance your videos. 

Key Features

Download these easy-to-use MOGRT Youtube templates for Premiere Pro. Get cards, explainer screens, pointers, timers, website bars, tips, intros, and so much more!

  • Applications: Premiere Pro Templates
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: Premiumilk

Download and Try

Envato Elements provides high-quality Youtube intro templates for Premiere Pro and MOGRT files. Increase the quality of your video projects with unlimited downloads from a curated library of the best graphics, video transitions, stock video, and more!

YouTube Templates for Premiere Pro is available with a subscription to Envato Elements:

More YouTube Premiere Pro Templates from Envato Elements

You can get thousands of YouTube intro templates for Premiere Pro, video transitions and more creative assets for your videos by subscribing to Envato Elements on a monthly or yearly basis. Check more YouTube Premiere Pro templates and MOGRT files:

YouTube End Screens

Show related content from your channel with these cool end screens. Download these YouTube templates for Premiere Pro and start promoting your videos.  


Social Media Pack

Add elements and icons from social media to your videos. These MOGRT files have everything you need, from likes and comments to share buttons and emojis. 


Modern Broadcast Pack (Premiere Pro Templates)

This Premiere Pro broadcast pack was designed with elegant colors and graphics to achieve a modern and professional look. The package includes useful items like openers and commercial breaks, lower thirds, logo stings, time schedules, promos, and more. 

Business Broadcast Pack (YouTube Templates for Premiere Pro)

With over 80 elements across 15 categories, this clean and trendy project for Premiere Pro will give your YouTube channel consistency and style.

Youtube Channel Intros and Animations (Premiere Pro Templates)

This Premiere Pro broadcast pack is loaded with everything you need for your Youtube channel: lower thirds with social media buttons, logo reveal, modern and colorful transitions, subscribe buttons, and more. And a bonus: a video tutorial is included in this broadcast pack.

YouTube MOGRT Broadcast Pack

This complete broadcast pack includes more than 250 elements! Lower thirds, social media icons, subscribe buttons, cool transitions, message emojis, openers and everything you could possibly need.

Modern Broadcast Premiere Pro Templates & MOGRT Files

This bright, bold, and colorful Premiere Pro broadcast pack would fit well with a YouTube channel that is big on personality and fun. This pack is perfect for a channel aimed at a younger crowd.

Broadcast & Fashion Elements (YouTube Intro Templates for Premiere Pro)

Bold but a little more subtle than the previous pack, this template would suit a fashion channel, as well as more generic entertainment-based videos.

Local News - YouTube Intro Templates for Premiere Pro

Local News Broadcast is a pack of lower thirds and other useful broadcast elements like name tags and bug graphics.

Entertainment Broadcast Package (MOGRT Files)

This broadcast package for Premiere Pro has a flat design with brightly coloured shapes. Brand up your YouTube channel using bumpers, lower thirds, openers, and much more.

Social Media Elements (Essential MOGRT Graphics)

Check out this complete YouTube broadcast pack for Premiere Pro. It comes with everything you need to promote your social media networks on your channel, like the cool buttons and icons you see in the preview.

Election Essentials (Premiere Pro Templates)

Get your YouTube channel prepared for the next highly charged race, with these Election Essentials Premiere Pro templates. 

5 Premiere Pro Templates for Broadcasts From Envato Market

Next up, we'll look at some of the cool broadcast packs for Premiere Pro from Envato Market. If a monthly subscription isn't your thing, you can buy one template at a time.

YouTube Intro Templates for Premiere Pro

This broadcast pack for Premiere Pro includes 148 elements divided into 11 categories. It features easy duration adjustment, universalized expressions, and smart controllers to customize the colors and size easily. A video tutorial is also included.

Broadcast for YouTube Channel With Intros & Animations (Premiere Pro Templates)

This is a nice, bold broadcast pack featuring lower thirds, transitions, openers, and social media options. The template is easy to adjust, and it includes a link to the audio used in the example.

YouTube Library (MOGRT Broadcast Pack)

This Premiere Pro broadcast pack is fully loaded, and best of all, you can also edit it in After Effects. Some of its best features include a fast render speed, a detailed video tutorial, and some user-friendly Essential Graphics Panel options. No plugins are required!

Clean Broadcast Premiere Pro Templates

A clean and minimal style means this broadcast package is well suited to a range of projects and YouTube channels. There are 42 graphic elements included, and everything is fully customisable.

Popcorn YouTube Intro Templates for Premiere Pro

A fun and flat cinema style, Popcorn is perfect for a YouTube channel that focuses on movie reviews or other visual entertainment.

Free YouTube Templates for Premiere Pro from Mixkit

Are you looking for the best free YouTube banner templates for your channel? Here's a selection of free Premiere Pro templates from Mixkit, part of the Envato family. Mixkit has free YouTube intro templates, free YouTube banner templates, and more. If you're just starting a YouTube project and you need to practice in Premiere Pro, these free YouTube templates are a great option.

YouTube Banner With Logo and Buttons

Do you need free YouTube banner templates? Check this out. It's a YouTube banner with a logo, title, and subtitles. This free YouTube banner template also features Like and Subscribe buttons and the notification bell.

Rotating Play Button Opener

If you need simple free YouTube intro templates, this could work for you. This is a shape field which rotates around the play button. The free YouTube template features a heading and subheading.

End Screen for YouTube With Social Media

A free YouTube end screen template is a must-have for your new channel. This free YouTube end screen template features one video preview, logo space, heading, and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter icons for social media user names.

Learning Resources from Envato

Improve Your Premiere Pro Skills With Envato Tuts+ Tutorials:

Free Video Course on Adobe After Effects

Stop looking for the right course to start learning about Premiere Pro. This free tutorial answers the most frequently asked questions about this video editing software.

Check out our complete tutorial here or on our YouTube channel, where you can also find more free courses and tutorials.

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