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21 Live Video Broadcasts You Can Do Right Now


Recently, I gave myself a 21-day Periscope Challenge to experiment with overcoming shyness while teaching people how to create digital art. That experience made me wonder, what are some other areas you can broadcast easily?

Live video streaming is changing how we share and experience all kinds of things in life, from how we connect with friends, learn new skills, and encounter different cultures to how we get our news. In this article we'll take a look at twenty-one activities that are great to broadcast live.

1. Share Your Stories

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. History was once passed down from generation to generation through the voices of great storytellers, and to this day word of mouth plays a huge role in our culture and daily lives.

As long as you've got a good story to tell there will always be people around willing to listen. In our age of oversharing, no topic is too taboo. Embrace the uniqueness of your own stories. Laugh, cry, and celebrate your experiences in the comfort of your own home.

2. Open Up to Q&A's

Ask and you shall receive an answer. If this is your first time broadcasting consider a quick Q&A stream to settle your nerves. As viewers roll in, they know that they have a job to do from the moment they see the title on your stream.

Keep in mind that Q&A's can get very personal very quickly. Feel free to add a little direction to these broadcasts to steer viewers into the kind of questions you're willing to answer.

The "ask an artist" sessions I do, for instance, are pretty specific. They allow me, as an artist, to give advice, rant about my mistakes, or gush about my favorite artists and how they've influenced my work. And because it's so interactive, Q&A's are one of the best ways to truly connect. People will feel their contribution matters with a Q&A, because it does!

3. Grub Down With a Mukbang

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Mukbang has been growing in popularity ever since it splashed on the scene with AfreecaTV.

As number of people living by themselves in Korea has grown, Mukbang (literally "eating broadcast" in Korean) broadcasters began to sit down in front of a webcam and share their dinner with a live audience. Soon enough, every foodie and hunger-stricken dieter tuned into the savory broadcasts of people truly enjoying their food. Similar in setup to Twitch (see below), viewers can even donate money in support of their favorite broadcasters.

4. Mellow Out With ASMR

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a euphoric, tingling sensation you experience from relaxing sounds. The triggers range from someone speaking softly, to sounds of eating, or even brushing hair. Everyone responds to ASMR differently, so there are a wide variety of broadcasts and videos available, and just about anyone can make an ASMR broadcast.

Still wondering about this funny phenomenon? Check out these quick videos below to experience the wonder of ASMR for yourself:

Recording a live music performance with a smartphone cameraRecording a live music performance with a smartphone cameraRecording a live music performance with a smartphone camera
Concert Stock via Envato Market.

5. Share Live Music, Entertainment, and Sports

Performing at a concert in the park or a local open mic? Take us along! Share your experience, or hold your own concert and allow us to be your audience. Take special song requests, and share your favorites with fellow music lovers. 

This idea also goes for all other areas of entertainment too! From sports to commentary on your favorite TV shows, live streaming is like having a portable buddy right in your pocket.

6. Connect the World to Breaking News

Over the course of the last few years live streaming has become a total game changer in how we receive news. Regular people are now able to report live from the scene of natural disasters, major political moments, and terrifying acts of violence all without a news van in sight.

So get involved! We live in an important time of transparency, where having access to live viewership can connect people to what's really going in the world, and you have the tools.

7. Make Slow TV

Almost the opposite of breaking news is slow TV. This is video that is, well, slow! Think of long static shots of the people and trams coming and going on a public square in Brussels, or the Dubai metro at night broadcast in one continuous take. Like ASMR, these long videos have a certain ambient, meditative quality to them. I like to think of slow TV as ASMR's slightly more visually active cousin.

8. Share Your Politics

Political rallies, marches, and conventions are not just for the avid supporter. You can support your favorite parties by following them on social media and sharing live broadcasts from those events. Join in on the discussion, and talk with others about the policies that matter most to you.

9. Bear Witness

Sadly, as we've seen far too many times this year already, a seemingly routine stop by police can quickly escalate or even turn deadly. Human rights workers, activists, and plain old regular people can all use live video to record and broadcast their interactions with authorities.

This is one form of live broadcasting that takes some special consideration, tact and finesse. We're working on a tutorial on how to film police legally, safely and responsibly. We'll add the link here when it's ready.

10. Give Local Journalism New Reach

News outlets and publishers are finding ways to use live video into their work, too. Particularly exciting is live video by local newspapers, who relatively new to making live video. Local journalists can create live streams from press conferences, meetings, and other events that are locally important. Often times "citizen journalists" don't have access to every event, aren't interested in covering them, or just don't have the skills to report on things well. Off-the-cuff interviews are good, too!

hands grasping a gaming control padhands grasping a gaming control padhands grasping a gaming control pad
Gamer Stock via Envato Market.

11. Pwn the Competition

Which video games are you absolutely addicted to right now? Show us your game play by streaming live. Gaming has become more than just a recreational hobby; it's a lifestyle and profession with real opportunities for branding and endorsement deals. And live streaming is just one more avenue where you can explore the benefits of a twenty-four hour stint playing your favorite RPG.

Join your favorite gamers on Twitch and stream all your adventures live right from your very own system.

12. Unbox That Brand New Tech

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail. For us techies, there's no better feeling than finally unboxing your new gadget for work or play.

Got a new camera or lens? Share your enthusiasm and use your broadcast as an opportunity to introduce yourself and your business. Discuss the specs of what you bought, the price and online deals, and compare your first time experience with other tech-savvy viewers like you.

man with camera using a laptop computerman with camera using a laptop computerman with camera using a laptop computer
Photographer Stock via Envato Market.

13. Teach With a Live Tutorial

You can learn something new everyday by watching live streams. From art to technology, international culture and so much more, there's no genre that has gone untouched. But since webinars (see below) usually require special access or fees, it limits your viewership at one given time. So utilize other avenues like Twitch, Periscope, and even Facebook live to give us your expert advice and lessons about the things you love most.

14. Host a Webinar

If you're looking for a more formal way to educate others, consider hosting a webinar. A webinar is a live seminar where you can teach the ins and outs of your industry. They're typically used by business experts and online gurus to guide students through online workshops and structured presentations. Though a little more formal, because they're held live students usually have some form of direct access to their teachers for more interactive learning.

15. Take Us Behind The Scenes

We live in a very curious world where everyone wants to know the secrets to a magic trick. Open your world to others by offering an inside look to your process. You don't have to be a celebrity or have a particular job because you are fascinating in your own way. Take us behind the scenes at a bakery or your next photo shoot. Share tips and welcome an international audience into your world.

Woman sitting cross-legged meditating on the beach in front the setting sunWoman sitting cross-legged meditating on the beach in front the setting sunWoman sitting cross-legged meditating on the beach in front the setting sun
Meditation Stock via Envato Market.

16. Lead a Guided Meditation

Help others start their day with calming thoughts through guided meditation. Perfect for the beginner, live gurus can help calm restless mind and body with the comfort of their relaxing voices and soothing words in a way that recorded video just cannot.

Each morning on Periscope you'll find several broadcasters with bright smiles and open hearts ready to guide their audiences' daily practice. Why not add your voice to their ranks?

17. Lead a Workout

A slightly different live event from the others, these streams focus on getting your butt off the couch and moving! BodyRock.TV is just one of many pages taking advantage of Facebook's new live feature by bringing the workouts to you.

Live video is a great opportunity for professional trainers to connect with people who can't make it to the gym every week. Beyond simply burning the calories away, though, live video is also a great chance for people to ask important advice about things that they might not get a chance to ask in the heat of a workout, like how to practice safe stretching or meet changing nutritional needs, for example.

18. Deliver a Live Sermon

It's no surprise that faith and religion is becoming a prominent player in the area of live streaming. With our hectic lives, many people have trouble making it to church or mosque or temple on a regular basis. It's great to be able to hop on a live stream to feel the spiritual inspiration and connection you need to tackle the world.

The other great thing about these types of broadcasts is that they open the door to discussion and understanding. You can use live streams to help introduce people from different religions to your beliefs, explore other perspectives from people all around the world, and take part in interfaith dialog.

Photograph of a brown bearPhotograph of a brown bearPhotograph of a brown bear
Wildlife Stock via Envato Market.

19. Watch Your Favorite Animals at Play

What if you could bring the zoo to you? Wildlife cameras connect you to your favorite cuddly animals, all while enjoying the beautiful views of the majestic wild. Positioned for 24/7 viewing, these live streams are dedicated to showcasing bears and other animals in their natural habit.

Check out The Definitive Ranking of Livestream Wildlife Cams to explore the list and see what your favorite animals are up to right now! And if you like to draw, utilize these cams to kick off some quick figure studies.

20. Share Your Travels

Not everyone has the opportunity to travel around the world but that doesn't mean we can't live vicariously through you. Take us along on your next trip to the Bahamas or the busy streets of New York.

Selfie sticks and small portable tripods come in handy here. Not only do they allow you to capture all your sights at different angles, but you can relax knowing that your broadcast will be shot with considerably less shaking.

21. Take Us Out and About

Live streaming can be as casual as sitting on the porch or going to the local supermarket. Take viewers along with you as you run errands and tackle your day.

Today, people are engaged by the simple act of being connected to someone live. So your broadcasts don't necessarily require a professional setup or a stuffy plan to follow. Learn to be spontaneous while taking your viewers for the ride. Create a more relaxed connection by allowing both the viewer and the broadcaster to be comfortable in their very own environment.

Older bearded man in a cafe using a smartphone with earbudsOlder bearded man in a cafe using a smartphone with earbudsOlder bearded man in a cafe using a smartphone with earbuds
Casual Man Stock via Envato Market.

What Do You Like to Broadcast?

Live streaming is a fun way to connect to people and share your interests.
If you're just getting into it for the first time, my advice is to pick one of these niches and get comfortable with it. Once you've got one down, maybe you add another, or maybe you just keep going! There's a lot of possibilities, and they all present a fun challenge.

So what do you like to broadcast? Is there a topic on this list that we forgot? Let us know in the comments below which are some of your favorite streams you like to follow!

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