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10 Easy Pieces: Logo Reveals and Video Stings for Broadcast


Branding is important in every aspect of production, and the right logo reveal can really enhance your project and keep reminding your audience who you are until that association is firmly made.

Here, we've put together ten of the best logo reveals/stings from Envato Market.

1. Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation

Give your broadcast a modern, clean look with this simple set of formations. You can use the template with video, text or images, and it’s fully customisable.

Multi Video  Multi Text Logo Formation
Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation

2. Draw And Ink Logo

A slightly less formal approach, Draw and Ink Logo will add life and movement to what can otherwise be a static and flat image. Choose from 12 or 18 seconds and with no plugins required, it’s quick and easy to use.


3. Platinum | Logo Reveal

Add a touch of class to your brand reveal with the Platinum download. You won’t need any extra plugins to use this, it’s 100% After Effects.

Platinum  Logo Reveal
Platinum | Logo Reveal

4. Logo 3D Rotation Kit

Display your 3D logo on your broadcast video. Simply place your logo, render and then overlay back onto your video: so simple! The template renders quickly (about 10 minutes) and leaves you with an uncomplicated but effective animation.

5. Ink & Paper

The Ink & Paper download includes seven media elements and seven sound FX. The result is a contemporary spin on a traditional format and will add a hint of film noir to any broadcast.

Ink  Paper
Ink & Paper

6. Simple Earth Logo Reveal

A tasteful, spinning globe transforms into your logo in Simple Earth Logo Reveal. A stylish way to get into any news broadcast.

Simple Earth Logo Reveal
Simple Earth Logo Reveal

7. Flying Through Images Logo Reveal

Show images, graphics, logos, icons or even videos in this logo reveal. The download comes with a multitude of options, including a whopping 97 social media icons, 30 placeholders for your images and 10 colour presets, with the further option to create your own scheme.

Flying Through Images Logo Reveal
Flying Through Images Logo Reveal

8. IT logo identity

A fragmented logo coming back together, IT Logo Identity is a timeless classic and is designed to make an impression. With one-click customisation and a fast render time, the template is designed to get you results, fast.

IT logo identity
IT logo identity

9. Elegant Glossy Edge Reveal

Elegant Glossy Edge Reveal generates shiny edges in a dark environment to create a dramatic logo reveal effect. At 15 seconds, it’s just the right length to show off your brand in the best light.

Elegant Glossy Edge Reveal
Elegant Glossy Edge Reveal

10. Multi Video Corporate World Logo Revealer

Similar to Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation, this download ends by transforming your images into a world map and then globe; perfect for any news broadcast. You can also choose a loopable globe, useful as a placeholder to break between broadcasts.

Multi Video Corporate World Logo Revealer
Multi Video Corporate World Logo Revealer


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