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3 Top After Effects Video Templates to Promote Sports Competitions

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In this top-three, we're featuring some of the best sport and exercise themed video templates available today. In particular, we'll focus on After Effects templates for international competitions like the Olympics, for a truly global feel. Each item is built by pros to help your project look its best!

Sports preview templatesSports preview templatesSports preview templates
Use high energy templates like Extreme Sports to hype your audience for the next big event!

All of these templates are included in a single, flat-rate subscription to Envato Elements, a stock resource that includes templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. Whether you're a rookie or pro editor, your work can get a big boost from these stunning custom templates.

3 Top Templates for Sport and Exercise Competitions

Let's take a look at three templates that are perfect for showing an international sports video:

1. Sport Promo

This international competition promo opener sets the stage for your next event. It features full HD graphics and dazzling animations. Try it out for any sport or exercise production.

2. Extreme Sports

Extreme sports span the world over. Promote your videos with this fast-paced opener. Whether it's skiing, skydiving, or sailing, your sport of choice will benefit from the amazing graphics found here.

3. Multi Video Sports Package Olympics Special

This Olympic video pack is the perfect starter for all things global sports. It features over five dozen custom placeholders to easily add your own content. Whether sharing memories or promoting live coverage, you'll find design elements that work great for you.

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