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10 Top Winter Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

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Scene situations play out particular scenarios with animated characters, and you can change the colours to suit your video. In this article we’ll show you ten of our favourite animation templates featuring winter and Christmas scenes from Envato Elements, where everything is included in a monthly subscription.

Animate a Winter Scene With Templates for After Effects

Scene animations are normally in fun, ‘flat’ designs, with animation effects and backgrounds scaled down and simple. They’re easy to include in your video and fast to customize in After Effects. You can even use them to add animation to web pages.

Winter Family Vacation - Scene Situation

Featured Animation Templates From Envato Elements

A fun, heart-warming set of winter scenes with a family enjoying the snow: throwing snowballs and building a snowman.

Key Features

This After Effects scene-situation animation pack takes us through a variety of scenes showing families enjoying the snow. The characters include men, women and children with a range of skin tones. 

  • Applications: After Effects
  • Requirements: none
  • Author: IconsX

Download and Try

Envato Elements has unlimited downloads for millions of creative stock items with a single subscription, including hundreds of video templates for After Effects, plus music, fonts, graphics, photo presets, and more.

The animation template Winter Family Vacation is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More Winter Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

Want to try a few different options? With Envato Elements you can download as many After Effects templates as you like as part of the subscription. Here are some more winter family fun scenes available:

Family in Winter Park

Families enjoy fun in the park in snowy weather, wearing hats and scarves.

Building Snowman

This scene situation features snowman building, including the all-important hat and carrot nose.

Couple in Love

This scene situation for After Effects features a couple making the most of the romantic winter weather by going ice skating, skiing and generally spending time together being loved up... and chilly!

Snow Sledding Activities

Harness all the joy of sledding in the snow with this After Effects scene situation. Just change the colours to suit your video.

Gifts Presenting

Gift giving is the order of the day in this AE template, with Christmas trees, lights and other festive adornments.

Winter Delivery

'Tis the season for gift giving and in this animated scene template for After Effects you'll find a variety of scenarios like loading up a car with parcels, finding a delivery location on a map, calling at a house with a box and even loading up a truck with Christmas trees!

Winter DeliveryWinter DeliveryWinter Delivery
Winter Delivery / Envato Elements

Winter Sports Activities 

Snowboarding and skiing are the focus of this animated template featuring 'winter sports'. A variety of characters enjoy the joys of the snowy slopes... just customise the colours to fit your project.

Winter Season Shopping

There's always a lot of shopping to be done at this time of year and these animated characters are carrying parcels, bags and assorted packages with a variety of backgrounds like a store, car and a city.

Christmas Tree Decoration 

Representing some good wholesome family time, this AE scene situation shows families decorating a Christmas tree in a variety of ways, with assorted festive features like a decorated fireplace, side table and armchair.

Christmas Tree Decoration Christmas Tree Decoration Christmas Tree Decoration 
Christmas Tree Decoration / Envato Elements

Learn How to Add Animated Falling Snow in After Effects

In this tutorial with Jonathan Lam, learn how to animate falling snow particles in After Effects. Perfect to add to one of the templates on this page!

More Scene Situations and Animation Templates for After Effects

Here are more scene animation templates for After Effects from Envato Elements:

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