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1.1 RAW and RawTherapee

Hi everybody, and welcome to the course RawTherapee, RAW photo workflow. In this course, you will learn an efficient RAW workflow using the processing software RawTherapee. My name is Shamir Young, and I'm an artist and photographer with a passion for creativity and productivity. This course is for photographers who have intermediate level experience with RAW processing, and are searching for a cost effective alternative to light room. It's also for those who want to learn a basic, methodical approach, are accustomed to being hands on with their imaging processing, and seek to achieve a high end result. We will concentrate on a high level view of RAW workflow and use a systematic process that can be applied to parallel situations. Meaning, you can use the same methodology and principles we learn in this course directly with other RAW processing software. You will gain a solid foundational knowledge of the RAW editing environment within RawTherapee, as well as the tactics behind processing RAW images in general. So here's an outline of the course. First, we'll chat about the materials you'll need for this course. And we'll also walk through the steps of downloading RawTherapee. Next, we'll discuss what RAW capture is, and how it's beneficial to you as a photographer. Then we'll open our class photo in RawTherapee, get familiar with the programs interface, and make correctional adjustments to our image in order to get it into a neutral not too anything state. And in the final stages of editing, we'll give our photo some style. So, let's move on to the next lesson and discuss the materials that you'll need. We'll also go ahead and download the RAW processing software, RawTherapee. You ready? Let's get started.

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