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Product Photography

Product photography is a very important genre of commercial photography: making products look attractive. It's not hard to get started with product photography and it can be very rewarding, and even a fascinating thing to do.

There are all kinds of clients and purposes for product photography, from the mom-and-pop workshop putting up their first ecommerce store to the catalogues of multi-national retailers. There is also a great variety of styles of product photography, and productions can range in complexity from object-on-white to elaborate scenes. 

This series is all about the many kinds of product photography you can do, how to get the best photos for your customers (or yourself) and how to have fun doing it. Best of all, product photography isn't about the latest and greatest technology. All you need is a camera (and just about any old camera will do), a little bit of light, a quiet place to work, and your eye.

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