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10 Quick Video Templates for Beginners in Premiere Pro

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Adobe's flagship non-linear video editing program is a powerful tool, but it's also a bit intimidating for new users. A template can be a great way to speed up your learning, and they're a quick way to produce professional-looking results even if you're not an experienced editor. Here are ten quick and easy Premiere Pro templates from Elements, Envato's subscription service (offering video projects, graphics, stock audio and music, images, and more—everything you need to create great video projects).

10 Templates for Premiere Pro Beginners

1. Galaxy

These geometric and dark shapes are perfect for creating a trailer roll. Just drop in your own text and create a teaser, no footage of your own needed.

2. Epic Titles for Premiere

Part of creating an eye-catching trailer is using typography smartly to pique your audience's attention. Use these titles in conjunction with footage or effects of your own to make sure that you leave the audience with a video to remember.

3. Romantic Greeting Titles

Romantic Greeting Titles features fancy text effects that are easy to customize. Use your own text and drop in video clips of your own to create a sequence that can inspire a sentimental connection to your upcoming video.

4. Breath of Epic

Breath of Epic seems like it is straight off the silver screen. With a fancy logo animation, you can simply add your own logo asset and bring it to life and create anticipation. For early stage videos with a recognizable brand, sometimes an animated logo is all you need to set the stage for your big premiere. 

5. Digital Slideshow

A slideshow can be all that you need to create a trailer that will create anticipation for your video. It's a great idea to use stills for your trailer if you don't have video footage ready to share. Use this Digital Slideshow package for Premiere to create a great trailer in less time even if your video isn't ready to share.

6. Dynamic Slideshow

The Dynamic Slideshow project is another example of how you can use images to hype your video project. Combining text animation with your choice of using photos or video clips is easy thanks to this Adobe Premiere project.

7. Simple Smooth Slideshow

One last slideshow package highlights how engaging a set of images can be to set the stage for your video production. The Simple Smooth Slideshow is a combination of text animations, geometric shapes, and placeholders for your footage that are a breeze to assemble.

8. Dynamic Sport Opener

Ideal for an active sport video, the Dynamic Sport Opener could be used to hype up your next action film. The placeholders are easy to replace with your own assets so that you can spend less time producing the trailer and get back to finishing your feature production.

9. Dynamic Urban Opener

Opener packages can almost always be used as a trailer project, and this file is the perfect example of that effect. The Dynamic Urban Opener is perfect for just dropping a few clips from the full-length video into to create a trailer that sets the stage for the full video.

10. Modern Opener

Rounding out our selection, the Modern Opener is the perfect way to create hype for your video. Publish a trailer like this in under an hour after you customize the text and color choices.

How to Add Audio to Adobe Premiere

Here's a tip that anyone can use: all templates benefit from adding a well-chosen backing audio track. The right music paired with a video project is sure to be noticed.

Luckily, Envato Elements now includes almost 10,000 audio tracks as part of the subscription. All of these tracks can be used as part of the flat rate membership.

Audio Track Envato ElementsAudio Track Envato ElementsAudio Track Envato Elements
All of these audio clips are included with Envato Elements and are easy to add to a video project.

To add a clip to Adobe Premiere, start by downloading an audio clip from a licensed source like Envato Elements. 

Then, open Premiere. Find the project panel on the left side and drag-and-drop an audio clip into the panel to add it to the available files.

Added to Project panelAdded to Project panelAdded to Project panel
Drag and drop an audio clip onto the project panel on the left side of Adobe Premiere.

Now, drag-and-drop that audio clip from the project panel onto the timeline. 

Drag and drop onto timelineDrag and drop onto timelineDrag and drop onto timeline
Drag and drop the clip from the project panel onto the timeline to add it to the video.

That's it! Now your audio will play in the project. You can always adjust the length of it to match the video timeline.

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