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24 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Premiere Pro

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When you're editing a video, it helps to hit a flow state where the edit is moving along smoothly. You're jumping from scene-to-scene, chaining everything together perfectly to create a powerful narrative.

The worst part is when you have to switch tools or windows and break that state. Having to go digging for a tool buried in a menu breaks focus and can throw your edit off the rails. That's why it helps to learn the best Adobe Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts.

In this tutorial, I'll share the essential keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Premiere, plus show you how to memorize them quickly.

Customize Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

In our Premiere Pro keyboard shortcut round-up, we'll use Adobe's default shortcut combinations. But you can also completely customize the keyboard shortcuts thanks to Adobe's customization tool.

Go to the Premiere Pro > Keyboard Shortcuts option to open this menu. One helpful bonus to this tool is that you'll see all of the default keyboard shortcuts shown in the graphic.

Premiere Pro Customize Keyboard ShortcutsPremiere Pro Customize Keyboard ShortcutsPremiere Pro Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
Use the Premiere Pro keyboard shortcut editor to totally customize how you map your favorite features.

To use this menu, you can find a keyboard shortcut in the window at the bottom. Then, drag and drop the shortcut onto an unused keyboard combination. It's also important to note that there are commands in this menu that aren't mapped by default, so you can create shortcuts where none have existed in the past.

Every editor works in Premiere Pro a little differently; it's helpful to map your most command tasks to keyboard shortcuts if Adobe didn't build one in.

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Now, let's take a look at the best Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts. I've grouped these into several key categories. Try learning them one section at a time to increase your knowledge and work more quickly.

Tools and Views

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Shift + H Hover Scrub
P Launch Pen Tool
O Launch Rotation Tool
V Launch Selection Tool
Control + Page Up List View
Shift + O  Open in Source Monitor

Captures and Tracks

Keyboard Shortcut Description
V Video Recording
R Rewind Capture
S Stop Capture
A Record Audio
Control + Alt + T Show / Hide Tracks
F5 Capture Footage

Timeline Views and Playback

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Spacebar Quick Play
Shift + K Play - Around (plays preset before and after time)
Control + Shift + Space Play - In to Out
Alt + = Audio track height increase
Alt + - Audio track height decrase
Control + L Play media as a loop

Toggling Tools

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Shift + \ Toggle Project Panel Review
Control + Alt + 0 Toggle Source Video (All)
Control + Alt + 9 Toggle Source Audio (All)
Ctrl + ` Toogle Full Screen
Shift + 0 Toggle Multi-Camera View
Shift + S Toggle Audio Scrubber

How to Memorize Adobe Premiere Shortcuts

We all know that every app has keyboard shortcuts. The hard part is remembering them and using them consistently.

It takes time to integrate keyboard shortcuts into your workflow, but once you do - it's hard to live without them. Practicing with them is the key, but it helps to study up on shortcuts as well.

I've learned the keyboard shortcuts to many apps with help from an app called Anki. Simply put, this is a digital flashcard system. You might have used techniques like flashcards to study for exams and tests, so why not use it for apps as well?

Study Adobe Premiere Pro shortcutsStudy Adobe Premiere Pro shortcutsStudy Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts
Using a flashcard app like Anki can help you commit keyboard shortcuts to memory.

On Anki's website, you can create cards with digital "front and backs." Put the key command on one side with a description on the other. Drill yourself on these cards, and you might be surprised how the shortcuts sink in.

Practice and usage commit keyboard shortcuts to memory, but using a tool like Anki can speed the process. Best of all, it's a great way to make your time productive even when you're away from the editing bay.

More Adobe Premiere Pro Learning Resources

Start practicing those shortcuts today! You might be surprised by how much less time you're spending digging through menu options with your mouse once you learn a few key shortcuts.

Want to learn more about Adobe Premiere? Make sure to check out the links below to keep learning one of the most popular video editing apps.

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