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15 Best After Effects Templates on Envato Elements

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Envato Elements recently launched its video section with more than 50,000 video templates and stock footage clips, adding even more value to the subscription. Ranging from stock photos to graphics to video templates, Elements is ideal for an editor on a deadline.

I've spent time combing through Envato Elements collection of more than 1,400 Adobe After Effects projects. This collection will include 15 of the very best projects that you'll find in 2018.

Make sure to play the video previews below to get a feel for what these Adobe After Effects projects offer.

1. Event Promo — Event Hype Video Template

This project is the perfect high-energy project to set the tone for your upcoming event. Just add your own text and footage or photos to create hype for your big event.

2. Ultimate Slideshow Construction Kit —  Slideshow Project Template

One reason that I love building slideshow videos is that it doesn't necessarily require video footage. For photographers with limited video chops, a project like the Ultimate Slideshow Construction Kit is the perfect way to take only images and graphics and build out a video.

3. Action Trailer II — Trailer Project Template

Trailers create a sense of excitement for your upcoming project. Just use this project with your own footage to create some anticipation for your upcoming video.

4. Short Promo Video Intro — Intro Template

Grab the audience's attention with this introduction video template. Fast moving transitions and text splash effects are an easy way to introduce your project.

5. Epic Light Reveal — Intro Template

Light Reveal can take your own logo file and introduce it rapidly with a burst of light. Replace the placeholder logo with your own graphic to see it come to life.

6. Website Presentation — Website Video Template

If you need to promote the launch of a new website or showcase your design chops, this package is the perfect tool. Just use your own screenshots to show the website in action thanks to this video.

7. Believe — Fashion Video Template

This project is flexible, but one ideal use could be for a high fashion video. The flashy transitions and slick text are great to drop in your own assets.

8. Pop — Opener Template

There's no doubt that Pop will grab the audience's attention with its brightly color graphics and text. The Pop project hails from the Swiss school of design and can even be customized with your own color scheme.

9. Minimal Corporate Presentation  — Corporate Video Template

Corporate videos have a certain look and feel. Less is more, and you should play it pretty conservative with your design choices. This project would work perfectly for practically any company video.

10. Vintage Frame Gallery — Photo Frames Template

I love projects like Vintage Frame Gallery that make your objects appear photorealistic. Just add your own photos and see them brought to life as if they're in three dimensional photo frames.

11. Retro City — Retro After Effects Project Template

This video project has the ideal feel to take your video back in time. The combination of font and color styles is tailormade for a retro video look and feel.

12. Summer Party  — Hip After Effects Template

The Summer Party project has the bright colors and feel that an audience will pay attention to. Use it with your own photo and video assets to create an eye-grabbing video. 

13. Parallax Elegant Presentation  — Parallax Effect Template

The parallax effect is that smooth scrolling and transition effect that you'll see on many modern websites while scrolling. Replicate that same effect in your video with this After Effects project.

14. Macrovision — Vintage After Effects Project

With a bit of a vintage look, Macrovision is a good general purpose project to introduce your video project. Just add your own footage or still images to see it with some grain and grit that will set the stage for your production.

15. International Typography — Typographic Project Template

Rounding out this selection, you'll want to check out this typograhic animation that's easy to create in Adobe After Effects. In a project like this, all you need to do is substitute your own text into the placeholder and all of the animations will follow suit.

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