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3 Top Transparent Background Templates for Premiere Pro

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In this feature, we look at the best transparent background templates for Adobe Premiere. Transparent backgrounds are an easy way to add a quality element to your video; They're flexible enough to be used in a variety of projects, thanks to the fact that you can kind of drop them in "on top of" your existing canvas elements.

Best Transparent Background Templates in Adobe Premiere

All of the templates shown below are available via a flat rate subscription to Envato Elements. Try out Elements to unlock access to all of these, and much more, as part of the subscription.

1. Energetic Particle Title

Leading off our selections is a high energy and futuristic particle template. You can use this to bring together text and graphics using particles that are sure to grab your audience's attention.

  • Who it's for: Creating a high energy introduction with particle elements
  • Why we like it: It's easy-to-build and can complement your existing brand

2. Fire Reveal Title

Feeling fiery? This transparent background template for Premiere Pro fits the bill nicely. Use it to introduce your video through the fire and flames!

3. Simple Corporate Title

Feeling something more conservative and ready for the corporate world? This transparent Premiere template might be the perfect choice for you. Use it to bring together your video with an exciting intro that captures the spirit of your next corporate video.

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