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3 Top Video Templates (for After Effects and Premiere pro) to Celebrate Family

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Happy Family Day! It's a great time to make a commemorative video to celebrate families of all kinds.

Making a video to celebrate Family Day is easier when you start with a template. There are templates for practically every video production tool. When you use a template, you have the blueprint to create a video easily. Just add your specifics to the template and export!

All of the templates that you see in this round-up are available via Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download creative library.  

3 Top Video Templates to Celebrate Family

1. Hand Drawn Family Holiday Slideshow

Maybe your family doesn't record a lot of video, but I'll bet that there are still keepsake photo moments that are ready to share. A slideshow is a great way to create a video from still images. Use this easy template for After Effects for the perfect Family Day slideshow.

2. Whiteboard Characters - Family Whiteboard

Here's a different take on creating a family video. With a whiteboard style video, you can create a hand-illustrated look without hiring an animator. An easy kit like this is flexible so that you can animate a custom video in less time than ever before.

3. The Inspiration - Photo Slideshow

Here's another outstanding option for creating a slideshow, this time for Premiere Pro. It has that ethereal and inspirational feel that's sure to set the stage for a Family Day video. Just drop in your photos and you're ready to share.

The Best Source for Video Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

If you want to create a Family Day video, I'll bet that you don't want to learn a brand new piece of software from front to back. Because of that, a template makes perfect sense to help you save time.

On Envato Elements, a single flat rate subscription gives you unlimited access to thousands of video templates, including the ones you saw in this article.

Envato Elements Video templatesEnvato Elements Video templatesEnvato Elements Video templates
All of the video templates in this round-up and so much more are available thanks to Envato Elements.

Unlimited downloads mean that your costs won't increase on future projects. One subscription unlocks everything you need for a creative project.

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