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How to Remove Haze from Photos in Lightroom in 60 Seconds

There have never been any shortage of correction tools in Adobe Lightroom to change the look and feel of an image, so imagine my surprise when Adobe added a new slider called Dehaze.

How does this slider fit in with the rest of the adjustment tools, like Clarity or Sharpening? In this quick screencast, I'll show you two examples of images that really benefit from this brand new slider. Let's learn more.

One-Minute Tutorial: How to Use Dehaze for Added Clarity

This screencast will show you an example of the perfect time to use Dehaze, as well as a more creative use to bring portraits to life.

Envato Elements: Featured Lightroom Presets 

Thanks for watching the tutorial! Here are three featured presets available on Envato Elements. Lightroom presets can speed up your workflow, boost your creativity, and provide simple solutions to common editing challenges.

Look and Style Presets: The Editorial Collection v2

These presets were inspired by the styles you might see in major magazines like GQ or Vogue. The selections run the gamut of styles, but can help you really tweak your images to an eye-catching style.

The Editorial Collection v2 by PresetworksThe Editorial Collection v2 by PresetworksThe Editorial Collection v2 by Presetworks
The Editorial Collection

Better than Black and White: Monochromatic Volume 3

This pack is a "better than black and white" set of looks. These presets will apply a monochrome look with a bit of tinting to set your images apart from the standard desaturated look.

Monochromatic Volume 3 Lightroom presetMonochromatic Volume 3 Lightroom presetMonochromatic Volume 3 Lightroom preset
Monochromatic Volume 3 by ShinyPixel

Pure Monochrome: Porcelain

Porcelain applies black and white styles with a soft tone curve. These are ideal for portrait images.

Porcelain BW Lightroom presetPorcelain BW Lightroom presetPorcelain BW Lightroom preset
Porcelain B&W Lightroom Presets by Presetrain

Keep Learning

Don't stop now! Even though Lightroom is an incredibly deep tool, you might be surprised by how much you can learn in quick lessons. Check out the other 60 second selections below to level up in Lightroom.

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