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Shoot for the Edit: How to Capture the Best Video Footage for Color Grading

Read Time: 1 min

Color grading is a crucial part of the post-production process that can really transform the way that your video footage appears. Color grading your footage gives it a certain look and feel that sets the tone for your production or scene.

Equally important to the grade is shooting video footage so that it's grading-friendly. There are certain settings and metering options that you can use to capture the best footage possible for color grading.

In the lesson above, I'll show you how to modify your camera settings and make the best exposure—so that you have as much data as possible to work with in post-production. Using these techniques will create more latitude to modify your video footage in the color grade process.

Keep Learning

This is just the first lesson in the How to Color Grade Video course. When you take this course, you'll really see the potential for properly color grading your video. Creating custom color palettes and applying them as a part of the grade is transformational to the look and feel of a video. 

This course is included as a part of a subscription to Envato Elements. The flat-rate monthly fee will unlock access to over 1,000 creative courses, as well as over 500,000 digital assets and files you can use in your next project.

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