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How to Create a Preset in Adobe Lightroom in 60 Seconds

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Why should you re-invent the wheel with each photo you edit?

The truth is, many images need the same adjustments. Especially if images are from the same shoot, you might want to use a preset: a set of common tweaks and tasks that you can apply to multiple images at once.

Instead of pulling sliders over and over on each and every image, let's learn how to create presets in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

60 Seconds: How to Create a Preset in Lightroom in 60 Seconds

In the screencast below, learn how to create your first Adobe Lightroom preset. I'll show how you can copy the edit settings from one image and use them on future images.

Envato Elements: Featured Lightroom Presets 

Don't want to create your own presets from scratch? No problem. Another advantage of working with Lightroom presets is that you can send and share them, as well as borrow editing styles from other photographers.

Here are three featured Lightroom presets available on Envato Elements

Black and White: Porcelain

Porcelain applies black and white styles with a soft tone curve. These are ideal for portrait images.

Porcelain BW Lightroom presetPorcelain BW Lightroom presetPorcelain BW Lightroom preset
Porcelain B&W Lightroom Presets by Presetrain

Creative: Burgundy

This collection is perfect for all photography styles, including landscape, portraits, fashion and fine-art. Bring a rich, vintage tone and warmth to your images.

Horse in a field comparison image with and without preset Horse in a field comparison image with and without preset Horse in a field comparison image with and without preset
Burgundy by Presetrain  

Seasonal Styles: Winter Fairytale

These presets were designed with snow in mind! Try them out to apply color adjustments to really bring a winter style to your images.

Winter FairytaleWinter FairytaleWinter Fairytale
Winter Fairytale Lightroom Presets by Temaphoto

Keep Learning

Check out these tutorials below to see even more Lightroom presets and how to work with them.

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