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3 Top Text Templates for After Effects

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When you’re creating a video, you might not always think about including text, but text is often the only extra on-screen info in your film: it can be incredibly valuable tool. In this round-up, we’ll feature three of the top text template for After Effects.

Each of these After Effects text templates is included with a membership to Envato Elements. Elements is an unlimited-download creative resource, featuring templates, stock video, fonts, photos, music, and more. Even for seasoned editors, these After Effects templates can save time and elevate your creative style.

1. Inspirational Intro

In the first couple of seconds of your video, viewers decide if they want to keep watching, or not. That’s why you’ll need a powerful and inspiring text intro. Whether you’re sharing your brand name, slogan, tagline, or simply a motivational quote, this sleek template lets you roll out your words in style. All colors are fully editable to allow for even more customization.

2. Text Messages

Flashing text messages on-screen is equally a dramatic technique and a winning marketing tactic. The Text Messages template makes it easy. Simply fill in the message blanks with your own words, and let the professional template do the rest. 

3. Text Logo

For an unforgettable and appealing logo intro, try out the classic Text Logo template. It styles your words by combining hundreds of them into a single large image. Use it for an engaging intro, or a smooth transition between content. 

More After Effects Template

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