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10 Top YouTube Shorts Templates for DaVinci Resolve (Vertical Video)

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YouTube Shorts are videos of 15 seconds or less designed to be uploaded from your phone. While you can do this directly, you might also want to think about creating that Short in your usual editing suite, meaning you can use video templates.

On this page we take a look at ten top DaVinci Resolve templates for YouTube Shorts, available from Envato, with ten quick reviews of premium templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Top DaVinci Resolve Templates For YouTube Shorts

Unique Instagram Stories

Featured Template Pack for YouTube Shorts From Envato Elements

This set of Instagram Stories would work really well for YouTube Shorts. There are different designs to choose from so you can use and customise them time and again but still have something that looks unique and eye-catching.

Project Details

This project was created by Envato Elements author hushahir,

Program version: DaVinci Resolve 16.2 and later
Requirements: none, no plugins needed
Resolution: 1080x1920 HD (vertical)

Key Features

There are five designs to choose from and the templates are vertical—perfect for YouTube Shorts—there's a video tutorial included to help you get started.

Download and Try 

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited DaVinci Resolve templates, video, audio, images, graphics and more.

Envato Elements includes Unique Instagram Stories template set for DaVinco Resolve.


More Top Templates for YouTube Shorts From Envato Elements

Unlimited downloads from Envato Elements mean you can try as many DaVinci Resolve templates as you like, so if the above template isn't quite your thing, no worries! Here are some great alternatives.

Try Stylish Instagram Stories for a a similar theme with an alternative design, or try Square and Vertical Video Recording Screen for something completely different. YouTuber Pack is a set of related elements like subscribe reminders, prompts to share and repost, and much more. Instagram Elements Toolkit has over 26 elements, made for Instagram but that also work well with YouTube Shorts. There are 6 categories, but you can expect things like reactions and stylish text placeholders, as well as some full vertical video designs. Also try Youtube Subscribe Elements for another pack of YouTube elements made for DaVinci Resolve, this set has 6 buttons to choose from.

Youtube Subscribe ElementsYoutube Subscribe ElementsYoutube Subscribe Elements
Youtube Subscribe Elements

DaVinci Resolve Templates for YouTube Shorts on Envato Market

If an Elements subscription doesn't fit your project, with DaVinci Resolve templates from Envato Market you can keep your work on a budget without skimping on the design. 

Brush Design Slideshow —$9

For DaVinci Resolve 16.2 and above, this template is perfect for YouTube Shorts as it includes both horizontal and vertical versions. Type text with any font, add your logo and images, and adjust colours to suit.

YouTube Subscribe Template Pack—$9

A set of vertical subscriber templates for YouTube videos, with four to choose from. There are two media placeholders and four text holders and they're quick and easy to edit.

ToDo Transitions—$12

A stylish pack of transitions with unique animations that work with vertical video as well as in horizontal format. This template set is for DaVinci Resolve 16.2 or higher, and features free support plus regular updates.

Free DaVinci Template from Mixkit

For DaVinci templates that are completely free try Mixkit, here's one of the best for YouTube Shorts:

Gradient Shape Animation Story

An animated template with a heading, vertical tagline and video mask, designed in stylish blues and blacks. And the best news is it's free!

Gradient Shape Animation StoryGradient Shape Animation StoryGradient Shape Animation Story
Gradient Shape Animation Story

More Resources for YouTubers

To help you get creative, here are more free resources from Envato Tuts+.

Keep Studying with Envato Tuts+

YouTube Video FAQs

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Once you've got the hang of the essentials then you can start to look at things like how you can add remote sources to your stream, adding overlays and other graphics, and how to include chat and live audience widgets.

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More Resources From Envato

Envato has lots of resources to try. PlaceIt lets you make high quality motion graphics in your browser, no software needed. Reshot has free photos, icons, and graphics.

More Resolve Templates

Find more top templates for DaVinci Resolve in these articles:

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Finally, if you put one of these DaVinci templates to use, please do let us know on the Envato forums. We love to see the projects you create!

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