• Theory
    How to Set Good Goals for Your Photography PracticeTuts goals preview
    In this tutorial I look at how to set good goals for getting better at photography. Using some of the best psychological theories on goal setting, I look at the best practices for using them to improve your shooting.Read More…
  • Books
    The Tuts+ Photo & Video Recommended Reading ListLibrary stacks thumbnail
    The Instructors here at Tuts+ Photo & Video are a diverse crew. Though we come from different walks of life, one thing we share is our love of books: photo and video books! Our Instructors share their favourite books about learning how to make photos and video.Read More…
  • Video
    Creative Aspect Ratio TechniquesAspect ratio
    In this tutorial, you discover why certain aspect ratios work well and how to shoot for a particular framing style.Read More…
  • Theory
    Escaping the Sunrise and Sunset Cliché400
    It’s a compulsion that pretty much every photographer has, at some point, photographed the sunrise or sunset. Those seemingly magical colours in the sky are irresistible, yet we all know that it’s a photographic cliché. The chances of taking a shot that’s different to the millions of other sunrise or sunset images in the world is slim to none, but for some reason, we still do it! I’ll be exploring what compels us to take dawn and dusk photographs and what we can look out for to set our images apart from the rest.Read More…
  • Theory
    The Ultimate Bridal Show Survival Guide (for Photographers)Ben lucas bridal show prelg
    Are you a wedding photographer looking to get more business? Have you been thinking about wedding and bridal shows, but don't know where to start, or if they're even worth it? In this tutorial, I'm going to show you what you need to know to market yourself successfully at a wedding show, and how to figure out if it's the right move for your business.Read More…
  • Theory
    What is ISO: A Technical ExplorationIso preview
    Most people understand the practical use of ISO, but what is it, where does it come from, and what's difference between ISO in film and digital? I'm going to explore the history and technical underpinnings of the system. If you've ever wondered what ISO means or how it works, this one's for you!Read More…
  • Theory
    Learning Fundamentals By Practicing Other Media, Part 3: Graphic DesignDesign preview
    Welcome to the third installment of the series looking at ways of improving your photography without picking up a camera (initially). This time, it's the turn of graphic design and its quick, straight forward philosophy.Read More…
  • Theory
    10 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting PhotographyCamera
    When you're first starting out with photography, growth seems to happen in leaps and bounds. You'll measure your growth by the changes that you see in your work and photos that you make. Today, I'll share some the things I've learned in my four years of shooting, and share some tips that I think can help you expedite your growth.Read More…
  • Theory
    Learning Fundamentals By Practicing Other Media, Part 2: PaintingPainting preview
    Welcome to the second installment of the series. We're looking at alternative art forms to pursue or peruse in the pursuit of broadened horizons. Moving on from sketching, which is probably the most vital and fundamental skill to stock your visual arsenal with, we'll now be talking about painting.Read More…
  • Theory
    Learning Fundamentals By Practicing Other Media, Part 1: DrawingPreviewrobdrawing
    By practicing other media? What? The title may sound counter-intuitive, but there's a lot to learn that is actually easier to focus on by putting the camera down. You may have heard photographers saying that learning to draw improved their photography. Did you listen? I'm going to explore the benefits of making your art without a camera to improve your photographic prowess.Read More…
  • Theory
    How to Protect Your Photography from TheftPreview
    As a photographer, one of your biggest concerns with putting your work online is probably that it can be stolen so easily. No matter how well you try to protect your intellectual property (IP), once it is on someone's screen, there's not much you can do if they're serious about stealing. But there are a number of ways you can lock down your photos online, and at least make it so that someone has to intentionally steal your image rather than unknowingly share it with friends.Read More…
  • Theory
    Giving Something Back with Photography: 10 Ways to Get StartedPreview
    Photography can be a powerful medium through which to communicate, educate and bridge divides. For those of us in the industry, and those who approach photography as a hobby, it is a wonderful way to make a living and share life with our friends, family and complete strangers.Read More…
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