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The Phototuts+ Lighting Session focuses exclusively on this vitally important aspect of photography. We're bringing together a series of tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know when working with natural light, or indoor/outdoor flash photography.

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    An Introduction to Indoor and Studio Flash PhotographyPreview
    Today we're going to delve into one of the most important aspects of photography - lighting. We'll begin with a background as to why lighting is so important, discuss the traditional three-light setup, and then move on to illustrate a number of different lighting techniques (and the associated results)!Read More…
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    Rules for Perfect Lighting: Understanding The Inverse-Square Law5
    In technical terms, an inverse-square law is defined as "any physical law stating that some physical quantity or strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity." With a definition like that, you're probably wondering what on earth this could possibly have to do with photography (and no one could blame you). Inverse-square laws apply to many, many things in the world. Today however, we're only going to be looking at one of them: light.Read More…
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    Recreating a Professional Studio Lighting EffectPreview
    There is little doubt that studio photography is very popular - it's just a shame that it is such an expensive hobby! Despite the high costs of a full studio setup, it's relatively easy to achieve a similar effect if you know how to. In this tutorial we're going through a few steps that can allow you to achieve a studio-standard lighting effect for very little cost.Read More…
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    An Introduction to Using Strobes in Your PhotographyPreview
    Do you ever see a picture and wonder how the photographer obtained perfect lighting on a subject? You might be asking "What kind of flash does he use?" or "What are the settings on his camera to get such lighting?" In this tutorial, I will be explaining the secrets to turning your pictures into perfection. Read More…
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    The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Low KeyPreview
    Recently, we took a look at how to create stunning high key images in a studio environment, producing bright images with an emphasis on beauty and clarity. Today we'll jump to the other side of the lighting spectrum and examine what low key lighting is and how you can achieve it in your own work.Read More…
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    The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Shooting High KeyPreview
    Today we're going to learn all about what high key photography is and how to create the effect. We'll go over what kind of equipment you'll need, how to set it up, as well as what camera settings you can expect to give you good results. Read More…
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    Strobes or Continuous Lighting? What's the Better Choice for YouStrobecont preview retina
    A relatively recent debate has arisen on the internet about the type of lighting we use. Traditionally photography has used all strobe, all the time, as tungsten film lights are very heavy, power-hungry and expensive. But now that the costs of continuous lighting are starting to fall and we're seeing more and more high-power, full-spectrum, daylight-balanced lighting sources come to market, is there an advantage to using continuous lighting in your work?Read More…