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10 Top Dynamically-Resizing Text Templates for Premiere Pro

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10 Top Dynamically-Resizing Text Templates for Premiere Pro

Create dynamic text without the hassle of resizing it yourself with these top templates for Premiere Pro.

Auto-Resize Titles

A set of simple titles for Premiere Pro with auto-resizing.

Key Features

These dynamically-resizing text templates for Premiere Pro are clean and simple, styled in black and white. Just choose your template, write in your text and the box can auto-resize to fit.

  • Application: Premiere Pro
  • Plugins: None required
  • Author: Team_shop
Auto-Resize Titles is available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements

Alternative Resizing Templates for Text for PP

If you'd like some more options when it comes to cool auto-resizing text templates for Premiere, then check these out.

2. Box Titles - Self Resizing

A neat set of titles for Premiere Pro, that dynamically resize. There's good variety in the design so you can use them across multiple videos.

3. Responsive Titles and Backgrounds Pack

A bumper set of titles and backgrounds for Premiere Pro that respond to any resolution automatically, even vertical!

3.8 Hours

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    4. Auto Resize Lower Thirds

    4K resolution? Check. 60 FPS? Check. If you're after lower thirds that have these features while being easy to use, stop here. It works with images and videos, and comes with a helpful tutorial to get you started.

    5. Text Messages Package MOGRT for Premiere Pro

    Animated text video templates can be a great tool. These Premiere Pro animated text templates are everything you need for your videos. This is one of the most complete and most popular Premiere Pro text templates. Four text message styles for self-resizable text messages (4K, 2K, Full HD, HD), includes a settings panel and you can change font directly inside Premiere Pro.

    6. Text Message - Premiere Pro Text Templates

    If you need simple and clean Adobe Premiere Pro text templates, these are for you. These Premiere Pro animated text templates are self-resizing and super easy to use. Every box scales to fit your text automatically.

    9 Minutes

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      7. Self Resizable Title - Animated Text Video Template

      This simple text message template Premiere Pro does what it says on the tin! A self-sizeable title project for Premiere Pro.

      8. Self-Resizing Big Titles // MOGRT

      They’re big, they’re self-resizing, they’re… Self-Resizing Big Titles! Made for Premiere Pro, this template uses a bold splash of colour to highlight your titles. There’s full colour control and a link to the free font used is included with the download.

      9. Simple Gradient Titles

      Nicely coloured gradient titles for Premiere Pro, that auto scale to fit your text. They're modern and fun, particularly suiting projects around travel, fashion, and for general vlogging.

      10. Title Box—Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds

      There are 30 pre-made title box designs in this text message template Premiere Pro, including in and out animations. The boxes automatically scale to text and you have full control over movements and animation. There’s a link to the free font used, too!

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