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3 Top After Effects Video Templates for India

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If you'd like to create visually impressive video while highlighting particular areas of India, then we've put together some great resources to help you.

Check out these top After Effects templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements, to help you make great video with India as the theme.

Himilayan mountain river in Ladakh IndiaHimilayan mountain river in Ladakh IndiaHimilayan mountain river in Ladakh India
Himalayan landscape, Ladakh, India, by f9photos, Envato Elements

Top Video Templates for India

1. India Map - Republic of India Map Kit

This India Map Kit is a stylish animation that will fit a variety of projects. Each region is separately configured, and you have the option to customise colours, route markers and camera movements on the map.

2. India Map Kit

This map of India includes the option to use the country as a clipping mask for your images or footage, you can add markers of specific locations, and it includes all 29 states and seven territories on separate 3D layers.

3. India Map Kit

There are two versions included with this After Effects template: flat and stroke. You won’t need any plugins to use it and there are video tutorials included to help you get started.

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If you're keen to learn something new when it comes to creating motion graphics with After Effects, you might like our new course, How to Create Animated Slideshow Transitions in After Effects where you can learn how to create modern, clean and simple slideshow transitions for your video presentations. Some of the lessons include things like how to create a simple directional transition: horizontal, diagonal, and rotating, as well as how to add footage to your transitions.

Courses are included as part of an Envato Elements subscription, so you can continue to learn at your own pace!

Elephants in a riverElephants in a riverElephants in a river
Elephants in nature by PerfectLazyBones, Envato Elements

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Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads

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