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1.1 Introduction

Headshot photography is a very rewarding way to use your camera. In this lesson, I’ll give a brief introduction to headshot photography, and then I’ll give you an idea of what you will learn in the rest of this course.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, I'm Scott Chanson for Tuts+, and this course is called Headshot Photography. I believe that this course is so important because at some point in every photographer's life, there will come a time when someone will ask you to take a headshot for them. Now, it might be your waiter/actor/model friend, or your aunt who's a real estate agent and wants headshots for her new business cards. Or maybe it's your entrepreneur cousin who needs to update his look on his LinkedIn profile. In any case, you need to be prepared to create great headshots for these people in a comfortable and professional manner. Another reason that I think this course is so valuable, is that headshot photography is a great way to get your feet wet as a professional photographer. If you were thinking that you might want to try to make money with your camera, I cannot think of a better way to get started than with headshot photography. Unlike a once in a lifetime wedding, or big commercial shoot, headshots are relatively low pressure. And since everyone needs a good headshot for their social media accounts, the pool of potential clients is huge. In this course you're going to learn all about the ins and outs of headshot photography. First, you'll learn about the different kinds of headshots, and how and actor headshot differs from a corporate headshot. Next you will learn what camera and lighting equipment you will need to get the best results for your headshots. And perhaps the most important lessons you will see how interacting with you clients is really the key to getting them to look their best. We will also cover several headshot lighting setups, that will make it easy to set it and forget it, once you start shooting. Finally, you will see my headshot workflow, and how I process and retouch photos for my clients. This course will be full of very practical lessons from my years of experience as a headshot photographer. And I am very excited to get started. So let's get started with the first lesson, which is, what exactly is a headshot?

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