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10 Top Video Templates for Product Launch and Promos (After Effects)

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This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
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You've built a great product and you're ready to share it with the world: whether that's a digital or physical product, a promotional video can help you drive your marketing message and make it clear how useful and exciting your product is.

At the end of the product development cycle, two things are always true: deadlines and budgets are tight! So, when you're ready to launch and need to develop a video, use a pre-built product project from Envato Market. Any of these are ready to drop in your own product shots and details into After Effects to create a professional video on a tight budget.

1. Product Promo

With no extra plugins required, the Product Promo pack is one of the best ways to get started. With easy placeholders for price and product details, this project functions best as a slideshow for multiple products in your lineup and would feel right at home in a short commercial.

2. Minimal Product Promo

The Minimal Product Promo would feel right at home on an in-store screen to showcase the deals of the week. With bright and poppy colors, your product will take center stage and stand out to anyone who walks by.

3. App/Service/Product Promotion

This promotional showcase is the perfect way to combine the explainer video format with a look at your product. You can use either video clips or still images and combine them with text explainers to showcase the importance of your product.

4. Product Revealer

With several pre-built scenes, this project qualifies as one of the easiest to use. It's ready for you to add your own product images to bring them to life in three dimensions. Don't miss out on the lower thirds effect to overlay the product on an existing scene.

5. Product Promotion

With bright colors and slick animations, the Product Promotion pack is sure to bring full attention to your showcase. With renders up to 4K, it's easy to see that this project will put your product front and center. This is ideal for sequencing several product previews with price and product details.

6. Product Market

Here's another stunning project that would work equally well on a big screen display in store, or as an intro to your online storefront. Sequence all of your best deals to steer the visitor into the promoted products using this easy After Effects project.

7. Discount Market - Universal Product Promo

This product is a great choice for its multiple aspect ratios, ranging from widescreen videos to tablet and mobile phone formats. Because of that, a video like this would be ideal for an ad-buy inside of mobile apps.

8. Product Box Creator

Need to add some dimension to your flat product screenshots? Look no further than this After Effects project. Just drop in your own images and see it come to life as a product box with depth thanks to this project.

9. Interior Product Promo

This project won't be for everyone, but it couldn't work more perfectly for those promoting a furniture or home decor product. The style of this is picture-perfect for showcasing an interior product, so check it out if you're in that industry.

10. Intro Product

Rounding out this selection, the simple but eye-catching Intro Product roundup combines bright colors and text animations with your video footage or images. I like using a project like this to save a big reveal for your product, as you can use the text and geometric animations to set the stage for an unveiling.

More After Effects Favorites

This roundup just scratched the surface of the projects that are available through Envato Market. Check out the other selections below for even more amazing projects that you can use for your own business.

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