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10 Colorful After Effects Promo, Opener, and Slideshow Templates for Fashion Videos

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For the fashion-savvy, good use of color in a video is a must to pique your viewers' attention. Check out our top ten video templates for colorful fashion productions in this roundup, including promo reels, opening videos, and slideshow templates.

All of these templates come from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited Adobe After Effects templates as part of a monthly subscription.

10 Colorful Fashion Video Templates for Adobe After Effects

Here are 10 of the best colorful templates that you can use for your next fashion focused video. Make sure to play the previews, then click the links to jump to Elements and download the template.

1. Clean Broadcast Pack

Broadcast packs have a variety of assets to create a cohesive look for your channel. This one has simple-but-tasteful graphics and stylish use of color; just drop in your logo and specifics to create a memorable set of video tools, including logos, lower thirds, and motion graphics.

2. The Fashion Opener

The combination of soft pinks and robin egg blue are perfect for a punchy fashion video. Just add your footage and update the text for an engaging opener to your fashion production. Imagine using it to kick off a fashion show, for example, with colors that match the styles on the runway.

3. Dynamic Intro Opener

The best After Effects templates make it easy to create professional reels. This dynamic opener is no exception, as it features easy media placeholders that are waiting for your specifics. Just update those placeholders with your specifics and create your fashionable video in no time flat.

4. Fashion Colors Elegance Slideshow

Use a slideshow to show off your brand new fashion line to potential clients. This video is sure to catch someone's attention with its bright color choices. Use it to combine animated text with your fashion footage and photos.

5. Fashion Slideshow

A slideshow like this sets an energetic tone for your fashion line. Maybe you use it to kickoff your fashion show or to show a potential buyer what your fashion line offers. Either way, using it will help you create an energetic production with just a few clicks.

6. Fashion Promo

A modern fashion line would feel right at home in this glitchy and energized promo video. No extra plugins are required to animate your latest styles to life when you use this promo pack.

7. Fashionable Promo Video

The point of creating a fashion reel is to stand out from every other style, and a fashionable promo video for After Effects is easy to create when you start with a template like this. In the preview below, just imagine your footage combined with text for a memorable start.

8. Fashion Opener

This fashion opener embodies some of the hottest themes of modern design. Simple graphics, eye-catching animations, and fun color effects are perfect to introduce an equally modern fashion line.

9. Style Opener

Style Opener is a retro-cool video template that is tailormade for vintage fashion. The neon colors and text feel straight out of the 80's and would mesh perfectly with your throwback or retro line.

10. Fashion Slideshow

Here's another excellent choice for a fashion-focused slideshow. As a bonus, this fashion slideshow includes multiple format templates, such as a vertical video that's ready to showcase on mobile outlets like Instagram.

Elements: The Source for Video Templates Without Limits

All of the colorful video templates that you saw in this round-up have a common source. The amazing part is that you can download all of them for a single flat fee with Envato Elements

With a subscription to Envato Elements, you unlock more than a million assets, including more than 10,000 Adobe After Effects templates. That's in addition to stock footage, photos, graphics and more.

Envato Elements creative assetsEnvato Elements creative assetsEnvato Elements creative assets
On Envato Elements, you can source unlimited creative assets for a flat rate.

For any creative, Envato Elements offers a unique value. You have the freedom to experiment and try out as many projects as you want, all for a single flat fee.

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