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15 Top Creative and Cinematic Title Sequence Templates for Adobe After Effects


Your title sequence has the ability to capture the imagination (think Game of Thrones) and to set the tone for the whole film. It also has the potential to put people off, so it’s important to get it right. Here are 15 After Effects title templates—cinematic, modern, and retro—from Envato Market to get your creativity flowing.

Dramatic and Cinematic Titles

Cinematic Trailer Titles

You’ll need the Element 3D plugin to use this download, but with seven text holders and a dazzling light and particle display, Cinematic Trailer Titles will give your production a professional polish.

 Cinematic Trailer Titles
Cinematic Trailer Titles

Epic Space Titles

With the rebooting of some of our favourite sci-fi franchises like Star Wars and Alien, we can’t get enough of these Epic Space Titles. For use with After Effects CS5 and above, you’ll find this easy to customise.


Steel & Fire: Cinematic Titles, Trailer and Teaser

As the title suggests, Steel & Fire can be used as a title sequence, trailer or teaser. The download is full HD and comes with nine title holders, as well as seven placeholders for photo or video.

Steel  Fire - Cinematic Titles Trailer and Teaser
Steel & Fire - Cinematic Titles, Trailer and Teaser

Golden Cinematic Titles 2

With 13 text placeholders and two for media, this title sequence will give you plenty of room to add style and glamour to your film.

Golden Cinematic Titles 2
Golden Cinematic Titles 2

Steampunk Titles

Steampunk is a unique and detailed animation containing letters and environment. You have the option of ‘automatic’ mode, where you can kick back and let the software to do the work, and ‘manual,’ which gives you a much greater control over the individual elements.

 Steampunk Titles
Steampunk Titles

25 Urban Glitch Titles

Everyone loves a good glitch effect and here, you get 25 of them, in 4K! With sound FX included and 25 titles to choose from, you can create something modern and edgy in minutes.

25 Urban Glitch Titles
25 Urban Glitch Titles

Modern and Sleek Titles

Frame Titles

Frame Titles is a fresh and modern download. Change the colour, text and duration easily, and the font is included in the download, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Motion Titles

This download comes with 25 animated titles and in full HD resolution. The style is sleek and contemporary, with an emphasis on minimalism.

Motion Titles 2.0

Motion Titles 2.0 is, as you’d probably expect, an updated version of Motion Titles. There are eight new animations included and all are in full HD and are easily customisable.


Corporate Titles

Coporate Titles add professionalism to your production. With 21 animated tiles and a link to the free font included, you’re sure to make a great impression with this download.

Titles Animation Graphic Pack

This is a template with a slight difference as it contains a whopping 75 animated titles, all in ultra HD, 4K definition. With the updated version you can now add zoom to your titles, too.

Jitter Titles

Jitter is a fun and dynamic title sequence, perfect for adding something a little different to your film. The download includes seven animation types with full control over all the elements, so you can customise until your heart’s content.

Retro and Vintage Titles

80's Title Pack

Back to the Future, Tron, Miami Vice… these are all clear inspiration in this 80s Title Pack download. Transport your film back to the days of awkward hair and terrible fashion, but pretty cool TV.

Vintage Titles

Vintage Titles is a dreamy, nostalgic download and will add a touch of class to any production. 20 animated titles make use of nice fonts which you can download from the link provided.

Retro Graphics Title Sequence

A modern take on an old style, Retro Graphics Title Sequence is reminiscent of Mad Men, Catch me if You Can and even classics like Bewitched.

Retro Graphics Title Sequence
Retro Graphics Title Sequence

 More Inspiration

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