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Top Text Effects and Typographic Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

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All it takes is sharp text with smooth animations to really grab a viewer's attention. With a template, it's very doable to make good-looking text animations Premiere Pro.

My favorite part about the projects in this feature is their ease-of-use. I'm not a full-time pro video editor, but these projects can make it look that way! Make sure to press play on each of these previews to get a quick look at what they can do for you.

Best Premiere Pro Text Animation Templates From Envato Elements

One of the best sources for Premiere Pro text effects is Envato Elements. For a single flat rate, you can download an unlimited number of video editing title effects and templates. With a subscription to Envato Elements, you get access to thousands of amazing Premiere Pro templates, including creative text templates, motion graphics, titles, slideshows, and much more.

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We'll look at some of the freshest and most popular text effect Premiere Pro templates that are available to Envato Elements subscribers:

The Complete 80's Title Toolkit

Lean all the way into the 80s aesthetic with this stunning retro toolkit. You can use it for titles, trailers, and more in your videos. It's a cool way to add a vintage spin to your creative ideas.

Top Features

The 80s toolkit comes with over 40 unique text styles and 20 VHS overlays. There are also backgrounds and cool animation styles to pick from.

Glitchy Text Maker Mogrt

These glitch effects transform your text with ease. You can adjust the duration of the effect. They also work without any plugins needed.

Text Animation Toolkit

The Text Animation Toolkit comes with over 120 effects. Modify different parameters to make the effects your own. These animations also work with any language.

More Premiere Pro Text Effects From Envato Elements

Here are some more of my favorite Premiere Pro text effects from Envato Elements:

Text Messages Package l MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Check this cool text effects Premiere Pro template. You can customize everything: change the text box color and size, make it transparent, and more. It's a complete text messages toolkit.

30 Glitch Text Presets for Premiere Pro

Glitchy text is sure to catch a viewer's eye with fast-moving, unpredictable effects. These video editing title effects feel right at home in sci-fi and futuristic video styles. Add them to your Premiere Pro project easily with this template.

Comic Bubbles MOGRT

Comic bubbles have some of the most memorable text motion graphics. Create those punchy "pow!" and "bam!" text effects with the help of this template. You can add any text to a comic style bubble for a bit of fun in your video project.

More Useful Creative Assets From Envato Elements

Odds are your video projects need more than text effects to see them through. If you have an Envato Elements subscription, you'll be able to find all you need to complement your creative work. Here are a couple items many Envato Elements subscribers find useful:

Digital Transfer

This vibrant motion graphic illustrates a digital transfer. It's an abstract visualization of data moving through a cable, but it can be used for different types of videos.

Luxica - Business Icon

If you have videos with a business focus, consider Luxica. This icon set comes with 30 vectors you can use to spice up your projects, video or otherwise.

Luxica Business Icon SetLuxica Business Icon SetLuxica Business Icon Set

Cool Text Effects Premiere Pro Templates From Envato Market

We've got another option for you if you aren't in for subscriptions. Check our selection of Premiere Pro text effects from Envato Market, where you can purchase templates as you need them.

Auto Resize Modern Title Pack

With resolutions all the way up to 4K, this text motion graphics pack will automatically resize and animate text. You don't have to animate these from scratch just add your own text choice over the placeholders and watch it come to life.

I like the flexibility of this Premiere Pro writing text effect pack. You could use it for everything from a title to a full typographic video.

Redacted Titles

Make your video feel secretive or off the record using this Premiere text effects project! With the Redacted Titles project, your video can take on a spooky style by scribbling over the canvas with a text overlay. It's a fantastic Premiere Pro writing text effect!

Note: works in Premiere, but requires you have After Effects installed.

Dynamic Minimalism

I love this text motion graphics project for its ease of use and deep animation options. With 19 different animation templates built into the project, you can choose from any of them for incredible text animation. As always, it's a breeze to just add your own text to the project.

Note: works in Premiere, but requires After Effects is also installed.

Titles and Lower Thirds — Autoresizing Typo in Motion

Perfect for overlays or titles, the animations in this project are going to take center-stage. Just add your own text choice to the built-in text boxes and Adobe Premiere will handle the rest. With 20 different animations and 5 variants each, there's plenty of room for using this file on many Premiere projects without repeating yourself.

3 Premiere Pro Text Effect Free Templates From Mixkit

You've seen some of the best Premiere Pro text effects from Envato Elements and Envato Market. These premium Premiere Pro text animations are the most professional templates you can get. But what if you're on a tight budget and you can't get premium video editing title effects?

In that case, you can get Premiere Pro text effect free templates from Mixkit, part of the Envato family. There you'll find top free Premiere Pro templates and more free assets for your next video project.

Here are some Premiere Pro text effect free templates you can try:

Colorful Glitch Text

Looking for unique text motion graphics? You'll like this Premiere Pro text animation with a glitch effect. The Premiere text effects feature a colorful glitch text with a fracture effect.

Large Text Title Block

This is one of the cool text effects Premiere Pro templates you can get for free. It features varying headline text sizes, transition between solid and bordered text effects.

Animated Text Box Title

Sometimes you just need simple Premiere text effects. This Premiere Pro text effect free template might be what you're looking for. These text motion graphics feature a colored square that transforms into a text box that has the title with bold font center-aligned.

Learn More About Video From Envato

With these Premiere templates, you can create some amazing text effects, but you'll need to do more to get your video widely seen. Learn how to create an effective video marketing campaign from start to finish in our comprehensive guide.

Video marketing guide Video marketing guide Video marketing guide

Your Premiere Pro Questions Answered (FAQs)

There's a lot to learn about the powerful video editing program, Premiere Pro. Here are some questions you might have, answered by in-depth guides and tutorials:

Learn Premiere Pro Editing From Envato Tuts+

And you can learn more about video editing in Premiere Pro in our fantastic Adobe Premiere courses. The might be the only guide you'll ever need, and are free to watch. Check out the intro video below for a taste of what you'll learn.

More Eye-Catching Video Skills and Projects for Premiere

Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular video editing platforms, and it's easy to see why: it has robust tools but is relatively easy to use—and regularly improving.

Check out these other tutorials and projects to learn more about using Premiere for your next video project:

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel.

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