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Top Typographic Motion Graphic Templates and Premiere Pro Text Presets

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All it takes is sharp text with smooth animations to really grab a viewer's attention. With a template, it's very doable to make good-looking text animations in Premiere Pro. There's no need to learn how to animate text in Premiere Pro because the presets will do it for you.

My favorite part about the projects in this feature is their ease-of-use. I'm not a full-time pro video editor, but these projects can make it look that way! Make sure to press play on each of these previews to get a quick look at what they can do for you.

Best Premiere Pro Text Animation Templates From Envato Elements

One of the best sources for Premiere Pro text effects is Envato Elements. For a single flat rate, you can download an unlimited number of title effects and templates. With a subscription to Elements, access thousands of amazing Premiere templates. These include creative text templates, motion graphics, titles, slideshows, and much more.

Subscribe to Envato Elements Now

We'll look at some of the top Premiere text effects on Envato Elements:

The Complete 80's Title Toolkit - Premiere Pro Text Animation Presets

Lean into the 80s with these stunning retro Adobe Premiere Pro text animation presets.

Key Features

The 80s toolkit comes with over 40 unique text transitions for Premiere Pro and 20 VHS overlays. There are also backgrounds and cool animation styles to pick from. 

  • Applications: Premiere Pro 
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: xFxDesigns

Download and Try

Envato Elements has unlimited downloads for millions of creative stock items. With a single subscription, access hundreds of Premiere Pro templates. You can also get audio tracks, fonts, graphics, presets and more.

The Complete 80's Title Toolkit is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More Lyric Video Templates for Premiere Pro From Elements

Want to try a few different options? With Envato Elements you can download as many as you like. Here are some more great Premiere Pro text effects for you:

2. Glitchy Text Maker Mogrt

These glitch Premiere text effects transform your words with ease. You can adjust the duration. This Premiere Pro text animation works without any plugins.

3. Text Animation Toolkit

The Text Animation for Premiere Pro comes with over 120 effects. Modify parameters to customize the text transitions. These also work in any language.

4. Clean Text Animation

Try this Adobe Premiere text animation if you're looking for futuristic text transitions. You get 3D words with dynamic movement. It works great for headers, titles, and so much more!

Clean Text AnimationClean Text AnimationClean Text Animation

5. Intro Text Effects in Premiere Pro

With a cool effect like this, you don't need to know how to animate text in Premiere Pro. Take advantage of the placeholders to easily edit your text. You can also use the logo placeholder and enjoy full color control.

Text IntroText IntroText Intro

More Adobe Premiere Pro Text Effects From Envato Elements

Here are some more of my favorite Adobe Premiere Pro text effects from Envato Elements:

Text Messages Package - MOGRT Premiere Pro Text Effects Pack

Check these cool text effects in Premiere Pro. You can customize everything: change the text box color and size, make it transparent, and more. It's a complete text messages toolkit.

Text Messages Package MOGRT for Premiere ProText Messages Package MOGRT for Premiere ProText Messages Package MOGRT for Premiere Pro

30 Glitch - Edgy Premiere Pro Text Animation Presets

The Glitchy text transitions for Premiere Pro will catch a viewer's eye. It's got fast-moving, unpredictable effects. This Premiere Pro text animation is ideal for sci-fi and futuristic video styles. 

30 Glitch Text Presets For Premiere Pro Mogrt30 Glitch Text Presets For Premiere Pro Mogrt30 Glitch Text Presets For Premiere Pro Mogrt

Comic Bubbles MOGRT - Bubbly Premiere Pro Text Effects

Create memorable text transitions in Premiere Pro with this Comic bubbles effect. Create punchy "pow!" and "bam!" effects using this Premiere Pro text effects pack. You can add any text to a comic style bubble for a bit of fun in your video project.

Comic Bubbles MOGRTComic Bubbles MOGRTComic Bubbles MOGRT

Typo Text Opener Premiere Pro Text Animation

Perfect for titles, this Adobe Premiere text animation is stunning. Just add your text in the 19 included placeholders and enjoy the show. There's also a logo placeholder so that these Premiere Pro text effects match your brand. 

Typo Text OpenerTypo Text OpenerTypo Text Opener

Text Intro - Adobe Premiere Text Animation

This offers classic text transitions for Premiere Pro. It plays with geometric figures and warm colors. Forget about learning how to animate text in Premiere Pro, let the pros do it for you!

Text IntroText IntroText Intro

More Useful Creative Assets From Envato Elements

Your videos may need more than great Premiere Pro text presets. With an Envato Elements subscription, you'll find all you need to complement your work.

Here are a couple items that Elements subscribers find useful. Pair them with a Premiere Pro text animation and you'll get a winning project!

Digital Transfer

This vibrant motion graphic illustrates a digital transfer. It's an abstract visualization of data moving through a cable. It makes the perfect companion for you Premiere Pro text effects.

Digital TransferDigital TransferDigital Transfer

Luxica - Business Icon

Do you have videos with a business focus? Then you may need more than Premiere Pro text effects. Consider Luxica, an icon set comes with 30 vectors.

Luxica Business Icon SetLuxica Business Icon SetLuxica Business Icon Set

Aerial View of the Sandy Beach with Thin Layer of Water

This is a beautiful video of the ocean. It can serve as a background for many different kinds of videos. Match it up with any Premiere Pro text animation. 

Aerial View of the Sandy Beach Covered with Thin Layer of Water Sea Surface Aerial ViewAerial View of the Sandy Beach Covered with Thin Layer of Water Sea Surface Aerial ViewAerial View of the Sandy Beach Covered with Thin Layer of Water Sea Surface Aerial View

Multi Step Progress Bars

This is a great addition to your Premiere text effects! With these progress bars, the info on your video will be so much clearer. It's fantastic for tutorials or video lessons!

Multi Step Progress BarsMulti Step Progress BarsMulti Step Progress Bars

Earth Infographic Elements

You don't need to know how to animate text in Premiere Pro. And don't even worry about animating infographics!

These Earth infographics are the coolest. They're ideal for a geography or science-related video. Add them next to any text animation for Premiere Pro.

Earth Infographic ElementsEarth Infographic ElementsEarth Infographic Elements

5 Premiere Pro Text Effect Free Templates From Mixkit

You've seen some of the best Premiere Pro text effects from Envato Elements. These premium Premiere Pro text animations are the most professional. But what if you're on a tight budget and you can't get premium Adobe Premiere text effects?

In that case, you can get Premiere Pro text effect free templates from Mixkit, part of the Envato family. There you'll find free Premiere Pro templates and more free assets for your next video.

Here are some Adobe Premiere Pro text effect free templates you can try:

Colorful Glitch - Premiere Pro Text Preset

Looking for unique text motion graphics? You'll like this Premiere Pro text animation with a glitch effect. The Premiere text effects feature a colorful glitch with a fracture.

It will help you achieve the look and feel you're going for with only a few clicks. Now, that's a powerful preset!

Colorful Glitch TextColorful Glitch TextColorful Glitch Text

Large Text Title Block - Innovative Adobe Premiere Text Effect

This is one of the cool free text effects for Premiere Pro. It features varying headline text sizes. You also get a transition between solid and bordered text effects.

Large Text Title BlockLarge Text Title BlockLarge Text Title Block

Animated Text Box Title - Premiere Text Animation

Sometimes you just need simple Premiere text effects. This free template might be what you're looking for.

It features a colored square that transforms into a text box. There, the title shows a bold font center-aligned. You can't ask much more from an Adobe Premiere text animation.

Animated text box titleAnimated text box titleAnimated text box title

Uncovered Text Call Out

Don't worry about how to animate text in Premiere Pro. This template does the trick for you, for free! It looks like you're uncovering encrypted text underneath the effect.

It's the ideal Premiere Pro text animation for tech-related video projects.

Uncovered Text Call OutUncovered Text Call OutUncovered Text Call Out

Underlined Animation Title

Are you looking for bold Premiere text effects for free? Then check this one out! It's a simple yet eye-catching option.

You'll get a free text animation for Premiere Pro that works for simple projects.

Underlined Animation TitleUnderlined Animation TitleUnderlined Animation Title

5 Tips to Use an Adobe Premiere Text Animation

You saw and chose amazing Premiere Pro text transitions. Now what? How can you make the most of them?

Check out these tips to make the most of each text animation in Premiere Pro.

1. Play With Colors

Did you choose a cool Adobe Premiere text animation? Don't bring it down with a boring color palette! Play with different colors or try different combinations.

You can stick with your brand's color palette. But you can also go further and try some color options that go with your identity.

Text IntroText IntroText Intro
Try Premiere Pro text effects and play with different colors.

2. Don't Be Afraid of Movement

One single transition may be great for a short video. But adding more than one text animation in Premiere Pro can look awesome too. Don't be afraid of having a lot of movement in your video.

As long as it isn't distracting or overwhelming, let's play with it!

3. Balance Out Different Effects

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. It's okay to use many Premiere text effects in the same video. But try to avoid overwhelming the viewer.

You can use some big, eye-catching effects where they're most needed. Balance them out with more discrete Premiere Pro text transitions.

Minimal Text TitlesMinimal Text TitlesMinimal Text Titles
Find balance between discrete and bold Premiere Pro text transitions.

4. Use Big Headers

Headings are important for setting the tone. A big headline will make it clear to everyone what you're talking about. And if you add a Premiere Pro text animation, your topic won't go unnoticed!

5. Add Matching Backgrounds

Animations and colors are great tools to create attractive videos. You can use bold backgrounds and fun Premiere Pro text transitions. There's no need to sacrifice style as long as they match!

Portfolio Text ScenesPortfolio Text ScenesPortfolio Text Scenes
This is a good example of Premiere text effects.

Learn More About Video From Envato

Create amazing effects with a premium text animation for Premiere Pro. But you'll need to do more to get your video widely seen. Learn how to create an effective video marketing campaign in our guide.

Video marketing guide Video marketing guide Video marketing guide

Your Premiere Pro Questions Answered (FAQs)

You've seen some of the best Premiere Pro text effects. Now, you should learn how to use the software effectively. There's a lot to learn about the powerful video editing program, Premiere Pro.

Here are some questions you might have, answered by in-depth guides and tutorials:

Learn Premiere Pro Editing From Envato Tuts+

Learn more about video editing in Premiere with our fantastic Adobe Premiere courses. The might be the only guide you'll ever need, and it's free to watch. Check out the intro video below for a taste of what you'll learn.

More Eye-Catching Video Skills and Projects for Premiere

Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular video editing platforms. It's easy to see why! It has robust tools but is relatively easy to use—and regularly improving.

Check out these other tutorials and projects to learn more about using Premiere. You may even learn how to animate text in Premiere Pro on your own!

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for reading our roundup of Adobe Premiere text effects for 2023. You can always dive into Envato Elements to get inspired and find more assets. We'll keep you posted with useful tutorials, top assets, and more cool content here on Envato Tuts+.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva, Dacia Egurrola, and Renata Martin Intriago. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel. Dacia and Renata are staff writers with Envato Tuts+.

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