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10 Cool Adobe Premiere Pro Text Effect Video Templates


All it takes is sharp text with smooth animations to really grab a viewer's attention. Even if you don't know animation, you can use pre-built projects to create text animations.

My favorite part about these Adobe Premiere Pro projects is their ease-of-use. I'm not a full-time pro video editor, but these projects can make it look that way! Make sure to press play on each of these previews to get a quick look at what they can do for you.

1. Auto Resize Modern Title Pack


With resolutions all the way up to 4K, this pack will automatically resize and animate text. You don't have to animate these from scratch just add your own text choice over the placeholders and watch it come to life.

I like the flexibility of this pack. You could use it for everything from a title to a full typographic video.

2. Draft Transitions


This project is like two video effects-in-one. Not only will it help you bring some fancy transitions to your video, it also adds perfectly animated text to complement the transitions. Try this project out to combine both in a single video.

3. Redacted Titles


Make your video feel secretive or off the record using this project! With the Redacted Titles project, your video can take on a spooky style by scribbling over the canvas with a text overlay.

Note: works in Premiere, but requires you have After Effects installed.

4. Text Message


Recreate a text exchange using this project. You can simply add your own text into the placeholders of this project to animate a back-and-forth conversation. The text messaging boxes will automatically resize to fit the size of the text you add. Even though the default view recreates the look and feel of iMessage or Messenger, you can change the color and style easily.

5. Dynamic Minimalism


I love this project for its ease of use and deep animation options. With 19 different animation templates built into the project, you can choose from any of them for incredible text animation. As always, it's a breeze to just add your own text to the project.

Note: works in Premiere, but requires After Effects is also installed.

6. Titles and Lower Thirds — Autoresizing Typo in Motion


Perfect for overlays or titles, the animations in this project are going to take center-stage. Just add your own text choice to the built-in text boxes and Adobe Premiere will handle the rest. With 20 different animations and 5 variants each, there's plenty of room for using this file on many Premiere projects without repeating yourself.

7. Call Out Titles


A call out title can draw attention to specific details or elements in a video. This project is perfect for creating those easily in Premiere to focus the viewer's eye on a portion of the screen. Call out titles bring those helpful annotative details to explain the video perfectly.

8. Kinetic Titles


With 28 different styles for animating kinetic typography, this Adobe Premiere Pro project has a lot of value. Use this

Note: works in Premiere, but requires the Essential panel.

9. Search Logo Reveal 3 in 1


This project would be perfect for a marketing or web design firm. Just open it up and choose your own text that you want to animate as a search term and you'll see it animated in a search box. 

10. Creative Titles & Lower Thirds


Every video editor needs an easy project for animating text as a title or lower thirds pack. No matter which one you use, I love the styles that are included in this project. Try them out to create impressive animations with text in just a few minutes.

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Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular video editing platforms, and it's easy to see why: it has robust tools but is relatively easy to use—and regularly improving.

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