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10 Top Title Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

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What you say is just as important as how you say it. Animated titles get your point across with a visual tone that suits and elevates your footage. Whether you have a distinct title animation style in mind for your video or want to peruse the options, here are several that caught our eye—and very well may catch yours, too.

Check out these ten stand-out presets for Premiere Pro available from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

How to Add Titles in Premiere Pro

Learn how to easily add text in Premiere Pro in this Premiere Pro tutorial. Tom Graham teaches you how to create text titles from scratch, add animations to text, import and customise MOGRT files in the essential graphics tab, and create subtitles and captions from automatically generated transcripts.

Top Title Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit

Featured Title Animation Preset

Step back in time and seep in those oh-so-80’s vibes. A little bit of disco, a little bit of VHS, and a lot of neon lights, the Complete 80’s Title Toolkit has major transformative potential to a time long gone. Professionally designed, with all the tiny details that made the 80s the 80s—think sparkles, echo motion trail text, and yes, Miami—this preset has got serious style.

Technical Details

This project was created by Envato Elements author xFxDesigns.

  • Program: Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Requirements: No plug-ins required
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Key Features

A legit throwback to the 80s, the Complete 80’s Title Toolkit includes 45 distinct text styles, 39 retrowave inspired backgrounds, 20 organic VHS footage overlays, 14 animation styles, and more. Experiment and combine the elements to stylize your footage with that vintage 80s look we apparently just can’t get enough of.

Try This Preset

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited Premiere Pro video presets, templates, audio, images, graphics and more.

Try the Complete 80s Stylizer Toolkit preset for Premiere Pro from Envato Elements.


Try More Top Title Animation Presets From Envato Elements

The great thing about Envato Elements is that you can download as many templates as you want as often as you want for one low monthly or yearly fee. So if our featured template isn't quite what you need, here are some great alternatives you can try instead.

  • Bathe in the serenity of Atmospheric Harmony. This preset combines mesmerizing dynamic lines and text with spellbinding results.
  • Future Titles blasts viewers into the ether of sci-fi using a high-tech aesthetic that quickly snowballs into high drama.
  • Got quotes that you want to really drive home? Quote Titles makes them even more awe-inspiring and impressive in these stylish presets.
  • A gold shimmer extravaganza, Awards Titles have that theatrical, show-biz feel of a big-time award show, but could easily be used to elevate any number of announcements.
  • Nature Titles wraps words within the romance of leaves, flowers, hearts and other sweet icons of nature, imbuing videos with a warm, light-hearted charm.

More Title Animation Presets for Premiere Pro on Envato Market

If you’re looking to buy premium video production presets, Envato Market is a terrific choice. Check out these presets for Premiere Pro.

Text Animation Toolkit — $16

Recently updated, this all-in-one, comprehensive text animation toolkit contains 122 customizable presets that work with any language.

Animated Handwriting — $22

Keep it real using this playful, personal typeface that can be animated to any speed without any quality loss.

Beauty-Animated Handwriting Typeface — $20

Elegant and delicate, with a dash of formal, the soothing feeling of this calligraphy-like typeface as it animates is hard to deny.

Animated Titles with Transitions — $14

Clean and modern, these animated text presets let you segue into a new scene or clip of footage with style and grace—and a message.

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More Title Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

Here are more top Premiere Pro tutorials and resources to try from Envato Tuts+:

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