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15 Top Templates for Final Cut Pro to Make Great Videos


Even though Final Cut Pro is user-friendly, it always nice to have a bit of help. Templates can help you get a head start in designing your next video project; Let's look at 15 of the best Final Cut Pro templates in this round-up.

The Best Video Templates for Final Cut Pro

Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download service for creatives. For a single flat rate, you'll find millions of creative assets, including the best Final Cut Pro templates. 

Best Templates Final Cut Pro
Use Final Cut Pro templates from Envato Elements to quickly develop your next video.

Here are 15 of my favorite templates for Final Cut Pro across a wide variety of categories, all sourced from Envato Elements. Note: many of these templates require Final Cut Pro's animation counterpart, Apple Motion. Make sure you have Motion, or only choose projects that are Final Cut Pro compatible per the item pages.

1. Glitch YouTube Channel Kit

YouTube includes a huge amount of content, so it’s key to use video templates to help yours stand out. Start with this edgy glitch channel kit, featuring all the overlays and placeholders you’ll need to promote your channel in style. Whether you need logo intros, text captions, or both, this one has you covered.


2. The YouTuber Pack - Comic Edition V2.0 - Final Cut Pro X

These comic graphics are a surefire way to build stunning YouTube videos. Featuring superheroes, villains, and more, this is a powerful graphics pack that anyone can use. Use them for logo reveals, lower thirds, transitions, and more.


3. FCP Zoom Transitions 

Zoom transitions like these help introduce new scenes in a video. Their cinematic styling looks right at home in even the most professional productions, and you can apply them to your own videos in just a few clicks.


4. FCPX Animated Typography Titles

Animated typography titles like these bring words to the screen in an eye-catching fashion. This pack includes a variety of styles well suited to any type of video. All you have to do is drop in your own text, then let the template do the rest.


5. Incredible FCPX Lower Thirds

Lower thirds packs are meant for titles and captions at the bottom of a video. They’re great for interviews and explainers. They’re also great for your own videos, and this flexible kit helps you add them in a flash.


6. Flash FX Abstract Elements

Consider this your first stop if you need a diverse collection of hand-drawn overlays. Abstract art can complement your work and help transition content. And with mega-packs like this, you won’t need to download lots of templates to find everything you need.


7. Award Show Titles Apple Motion

Roll out the red carpet to your audience with these award show titles. Splashy gold overlays and glittering pixels shower your content in style. Try them out for award videos, wedding promos, and more. 


8. USA Independence Day Opener - Apple Motion

Celebrate Independence Day in patriotic style with this opener. Perfect for party invites and fireworks recaps alike, this FCP template will please any crowd. Plus, it gives you all the creative freedom you need to show off your own clips.


9. Simple Lowerthirds - 12 Pack - Apple Motion

In need of quick, simple lower thirds titles? Start right here with this unfussy pack. It’s stylish enough for professional productions, but simple enough for even your quickest videos.


10. Colourful Glitch Titles 2

These colorful glitch titles bring text to life through generous splashes of bold color. A reinvented version of a popular pack, the offerings here display words in quirky, fun style. The translucent overlays look great against any background, and the words are readable and easy to see.


11. 3D Credit Card Builder FCPX 

If you do financial promos and marketing campaigns, you might need to build 3D credit card mockups. This versatile template lets you do just that. Choose from backgrounds, numbers, logos, and more to handcraft totally unique designs.


12. Simple Logo

This elegant, bright logo intro is the perfect opener to introduce your brand. Whether you’re a global corporation or a tiny upstart, your image deserves the very best styling. This template lets you deliver it.


13. Glitch Slideshow 

A funky glitch slideshow like this one instantly upgrades your production style. Filled with dynamic energy, it grabs audience attention and keeps them engaged. All it takes is dropping in your own content, and the smart template does the rest.


14. Youtube Channel Kit

This YouTube kit has everything you need to elevate your style, create a tightly-branded channel, and get noticed.


15. Clean Slideshow

Finally, it can be hard to top a simple, clean slideshow template. Whether you’re sharing photos, videos, or text, the sleek transitions of a slideshow bring it all together. This template is noted for subtle overlays and smooth graphics.


5 Final Cut Templates from Envato Market

While Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download service for Final Cut Pro templates, it's not the only place to source your next video project. Another good choice is Envato Market, Envato's pay-as-you-go option. Pay only for individual templates you purchase and retain indefinite rights to use it on creative projects.

Let's check out five of the most popular templates for Final Cut Pro from Envato Market.

1. Instagram Stories

Vertical video has a place on social platforms. Use this set of templates to build stories for Instagram and other platforms easily that stand out in your audience's feed.

Instagram Stories Videohive

2. Animation Presets Pack

Animation doesn't have to be complicated. Use the pre-built elements in this Final Cut Pro template to set things in motion.

Animation Presets

3. YouTube Titles Collection for Final Cut Pro X

Titles can create a strong start to your video, using only simple text and bold colors to set the stage. Use this project as a way to kick off your video with an impact.

YouTube Titles Collection

4. Infographics Builder for Final Cut Pro X

Think of infographics as the perfect hybrid between data and information. It's easy thanks to this Final Cut Pro project, where you can add your data and commentary in a flash.

Infographics for FCPX

5. The Ultimate Story Pack

Here's another great Final Cut Pro option to show your story on social. Combine the elements of text, video, images and more to create an easy-to-swipe story to share.

The Ultimate Story Pack

Now Learn More About Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is an easy-to-use video editor with a suite of professional tools to create top-notch videos. Check out the tutorials below to learn more about how you can use Final Cut Pro for your next video production:

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