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10 Top Anime Templates to Make Intros, Openers, and Trailers in After Effects

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Blast your new anime into viewers’ eyes, ears, and hearts using one of these stellar intros, openers, and trailer templates for After Effects. Cinematic, brazenly vibrant, and replete with dramatic transitions, they're also customizable, allowing you to build your trailer's crescendo of anticipation with precision.

10 Top Templates for Anime in After Effects

Cinematic Parallax

The mind-blowing parallax options in Cinematic Parallax is sure to impress viewers from the very start. This trendy template provides 14 media holders, modular structure, and easy-to-extend durations so you have the flexibility you need.

Ink Trailer

Perfect to highlight characters or stand-out shots of your film, Ink Trailer transforms frames into a watercolor and ink aesthetic that allows you to pace your trailer like a pro. Its organic, artistic feel, combined with its parallax effects make it an excellent option.

Sky Logo Intro

Begin your anime trailer with your head in the clouds—we all know it’s the most creative place to be! Abstract opener Sky Logo Intro has the feel of colorful, soothing pastel drawings and oil paintings, with marks of texture, lines, and shapes to enhance the heavenly vista.

Brush Paint Opener

The organic feel of paint brush animation never gets old. Available in ultra HD (3840 x 2160), Brush Paint Opener provides creative, customizable paint brush transitions that punctuate your trailer with impact and pace it like the pros.

Epic Story Trailer

Align your anime with the look and feel of legendary narratives of the past. Epic Story Trailer allows you to frame your movie with golden antique scrolls—torn edges, fibrous texture and all—that scream, "Sit back, relax, and enjoy the saga that’s about to unfold."

Comics Opener

Give your opener the gravitas of cinematic drama with this intuitively designed template. Comics Opener provides dynamic backdrops that drop into your animation in the shapes of paint splatter and brush strokes so mesmerizing it’s hard to turn away.

Colorful Liquid Slideshow

Combine your anime photos or videos with text and transitions that flow across the screen in the form of rain drops, waves, swishes, bubbles, splashes, and more. Primed for use with any font and designed with modular structure, Colorful Liquid Slideshow gives you the flexibility you need to tell your unique story.

Cinematic Trailer

This powerful, action-packed template creates fires, blasts of explosions, and whisps of smoke that might be just the epic ferocity your anime trailer needs. Combining the dramatic and the magical, the typeface in Cinematic Trailer has equally bold and impressionable animation.

Parallax Freeze Frame Cartoon Trailer V1

Tip your hat to the multiplane camera technique that dates all the way back to traditional 1930s animation using Parallax Freeze Frame Cartoon Trailer V1. Offering zero and 100 percent ink opacities, customizable shading, the option of parallax effect, and full color control, this freeze frame template delivers.

Color Fusion

This funky, retro template is fun, entertaining, and, yes, colorful. Color Fusion infuses your trailer with vibrant, eye-catching, groovy circles and a light-hearted, celebratory vibe that lifts and wows. 

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