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9 Best VHS Glitch Video Effects for After Effects & Premiere Pro


Gone are the days of being asked to be kind, rewind a video before returning the tape to the rental shop, or putting the tapes in the VHS cleaner to try and squeeze a few more plays out of them. And oh, the fragility: as you played a VHS tape more and more, it developed flaws and imperfections, changing the image itself. 

Sometimes it's fun, or even useful to the story, to simulate those same visual effects. In a previous tutorial, Charles Yeager showed how to create your own VHS look in After Effects:

If you want to restore some of that analog feel to your video footage without the work, however, you have options. In this piece, we take a look at nine ready-made templates for After Effects and Premiere to give your footage the VHS look. Make sure to play the previews in the list below to see them in action!

1. VHS Madness Logo Reveal — After Effects

This package is reminiscent of many VHS tapes I owned in the 90's, complete with just enough cheesiness and grain to animate your own logo in the fitting style.


2. 80's Fever — After Effects

Let's go back even further with this VHS simulation project for Adobe After Effects. This is a time machine introduction that really feels like a blast from the past.


3. Glitch Transitions Pack — After Effects

Long before the glitch effect found its place in science fiction and tech productions like Mr. Robot, we were basically creating them with VHS tapes! This pack simulates a very VHS style effect in Adobe After Effects thanks its grainy style and overlay lines.


4. VHS Opener — Adobe Premiere

Available as a single purchase on Videohive, the VHS Opener is the perfect way to create that retro feel to set the tone for your video. Combine it with other projects in this round-up for a complete overhaul.


5. VHS Colorful Transitions — Cross-Platform

Flexibility: this motion graphic pack can work with any video editing platform. Drop these assets in to transition with a colorful, scratchy effect fitting of VHS.


6. Static Screens Logo — After Effects

This After Effects project is easy to add your own logo to. Just add that logo and see it animated with grain and grid lines that are perfect for a VHS simulation.


7. Glitch & Distortion Logo Sting Pack — After Effects

This pack features a variety of glitchy and jumpy effects, including several that are great simulations of VHS imperfections.


8. VHS Noise — Stock Footage

Here's another flexible package that you can use with a variety of editors. Because this is stock footage, you can just layer it into your existing footage and editor to add the effect with practically any app.


9. Bad Signal Transitions — Stock Video

With over 50 effects in a single pack, this download will allow you to mix up the VHS effect throughout your project.


More Easy Video Projects

If the grit and grain of VHS video isn't your style, that's no problem. There are plenty of other creative effects that you can download and put to work in your video workflow. Check out these other project selections below to create more easy video projects.

Also, be sure to check out Envato's brand new site, Mixkit, for free Premiere Pro glitch templates and more!

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