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How to Make Videos for Podcasts

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Making a video podcast doesn’t have to be complicated. In this podcast video tutorial, you’ll learn the basic workflow for making a video for your podcast. Check out the clear and comprehensive details that follow that usher you through every step of the process.

Why Make a Video for Podcasts

Video podcasts are admittedly more involved than audio podcasts, but there are a bunch of advantages of delving into visuals.

For one, video is more immediately attention-grabbing than audio. Activating your audience’s eyes and ears, versus just their ears, keeps them more engaged. Video also allows you to express yourself with more depth, i.e. through facial expressions and gestures, and therefore increases your chances of connecting with your audience. Last but not least, unlike audio, video can be shared on social media and other platforms—and we all know how important that is today.

YouTube is maybe the single most important platform to post on. Because its viewership is so gigantic, it provides you with a way to tap into a new audience. The large majority of users watch the recommended videos created by the YouTube algorithm (at least from time to time), so even if people don’t search for your specific video, it’s possible it will be recommended to them. Uploading to YouTube also increases your visibility on search engines like Google, which tends to promote YouTube videos above other options. And you can embed your YouTube videos on your website and your socials, making it easy to share your hard work across all your active platforms.

Finally, posting short segments of your video podcast on social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.—where audio alone doesn’t get the same traction as videos—supplies you with another avenue for promoting your podcast episodes. Cutting away to the most eye-catching, compelling moments in your video podcast and posting these short clips is a great way to impel viewers to watch more.

How to Make Videos for Podcasts

Learn how easy it is to make something really cool without any animation experience at all:

If your podcast is talk-based, why not try adding video to your recording? It can be as simple as slides that go along with your conversation. Use our OBS Quick Start guides for screencasting and on-camera video to record a basic video accompaniment:

To get really fancy, record video from your guests, too:

Depending on the nature of your podcast, you might even want to share your video live:

How to Edit a Video for Podcasts

Editing can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be, thanks to Descript. Learn how mind-blowingly quick and easy Descript makes it:

Exporting and Fine-Tuning

Once your video podcast has been edited, export it to Premiere or other editors for fine-tuning, and from there to After Effects for animation generation.

Increase Your Podcast's Engagement and Exposure Using Video

Now you know how to make videos for podcasts. Making a video takes a bit more time than an audio-only podcast, but the benefits are deep. Video engages your audience more than audio alone. By showing expressions and body language, it allows you to better connect with your audience. And, because YouTube and social media are designed for video, posting it can increase your podcast's exposure exponentially. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Keep Learning About Video and Audio Podcasting

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