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3 Top Premiere Pro Video Templates for Retail

Running a shop is hard work. When it comes to your video marketing messages, we can help ease the strain. Try these three templates for Premiere Pro, designed especially with retail in mind.

Quick Tips for Retail Videos

Sales messages are great—often essential—and using video to create something engaging really works, but remember to throw in other video content so that your brand is developing a personality rather than just pushing sales all the time.

  • Try a 'how to' video. If you have a product then there are tons of ways to demonstrate that through video. Whether it's a simple demonstration, or something a little more fun.
  • Avoid simply 'telling' through your video, try to 'show' by creating a story or narrative. Ikea, for example, are a particularly good brand for showing their audience how they might use their products, rather than just telling them what they have to offer.

3 Top Premiere Pro Templates for Retail

The following templates are available through Envato Elements (subscription) and Envato Market (pay as you go).

1. Shopping And Retail—Flat Animation Icons (Envato Elements)

When visual elements are important to your brand, why not try a set of modern, flat, animated icons. They’re themed for retail, and as they’re MOGRT, you can make changes right in Premiere Pro using the essential graphics panel.


2. Big Sales | Essential Graphics (Envato Elements)

Being able to post video easily across various platforms can be essential in retail. This pack of sale-themed templates for Premiere Pro come in a variety of aspect ratios, so you can make something bespoke for each channel, quickly and easily.

Big Sales  Essential Graphics  Mogrt
Big Sales | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

3. Sales Titles (Envato Market)

If your online shop is having a sale, use these bright, eye-catching labels for Premiere Pro to shout about it. There are 11 to choose from and you can change the colour, position, size and much more.


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