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4.2 How to Add a Background Image

In this lesson you will learn how to add a background image to the video. You will also learn how to use Envato Elements to enhance the animation.

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4.2 How to Add a Background Image

Hi everyone, and welcome back to The Stranger Things 80s intro course. In this lesson we'll learn how to navigate the Envato Elements website to find the background image for our project. So upon entering the website, elements.envato.com, you'll be greeted with some examples of digital assets that you will have access to as a member on the top right here. So we've got things such as stock video, video templates, music and sound effects, and all manner of things that you can download for your project. So you can see the full list at the top of the menu here, so if you just go and hover on the Browse button here, or if you have anything specific that you want to look for, you can type it in the search box here. So let's go ahead and take a look at the photo section by hovering over the browse button and then just clicking on the photo section here. And straight away here in Envato Elements has made it finding inspiration very easy by greeting you with a page full of different themes and ideas, such as beautiful landscapes, big city, and even furry friends. [LAUGH] And if we click into one of these themes you'll be able to browse through the photos contained within this theme, and also further, we find it using the menu to the left here. So if we wanted to look for a landscape image, just click on the orientation here, and all you'll see here, you can just browse through all of the landscape images. And same with this is as well, so if you wanted an image which is blurred slightly, just click on that. Now, see now we've got a nice sort of focused image of this fox here with the blurred background, which is kind of cool. Excellent, so let's go back into the top of the search bar here, because we know exactly what sorts of theme we want to look for, for our projects. Let's go over here to the search bar, and let's delete the collection pets here, and we want to search under photos. So make sure that you click on the search items here, and you want to select photos, and we want to type in haunted forest, as this will act as the background for our image. Now unfortunately, that one didn't work, so let's type in the forest and haunted. See what comes up. Now, sometimes this might happen, so this is because we might have put in the orientations and the filters here. So let's go ahead and clean clear those up, and now we have the images that we're looking for. So, yeah, just make sure that you've cleared all the filters here before you use the search box. And now we can go ahead and have a look at what sort of images we can use for our background. Now, you can see here we've got some really cool looking spooky woodland forests here that we can use for our background. But the ones that stand out to me straight away is actually the first image here, so man's silhouette in haunted forest. So if we click on this, and as a member you'll be able to download this image straightaway by clicking on this. And let's see if we can find another image as well, so let's click back. And let's see, so this one looks pretty spooky, path through misty haunted woods. So you can also click on this button here to download the image, make sure that the image is a high enough resolution for our video. And then once it's downloaded we'll hop straight straight back into After Effects to add our background image to our animation. Back in After Effects we have our text animation ready and waiting for a spooky background to be added. So to do this or we need to do is go to File > Import > File, and then we want to navigate to the folder containing the files. So in this case, this is on my desktop in a folder called touch course strange things. And then what you want to do here is you want to select the image that you want to import, which is path through misty haunted woods. Make sure that the creates composition import option is ticked off, as we just want to have this as an image, and also make sure that this JPG sequence is ticked off as well. Once you've done that, click on Import. Excellent, now, I've imported both of these images here. So you can see that on the top left side of the screen, on this small little thumbnail, we've got both of these images. And now, once they're in the project, you'll find that these images here, we can just sort of click and drag them into our retro text intro composition here. So I'm just going to drag this into the top part of our layout here, so you can see how this affects our composition. Now straightaway, you'll see that has been added into our preview window, and sometimes we'll need to make some adjustments. In this case, we need to scale the image down so that it fits our composition. So to do this, what we need to do is we need to open up this layer, and open up transform here. And we want to scale this down, so over where it says scale, we can click and drag to the left to scale our image down, okay? Now, we can either click or drag, or we can actually input a value here, so let's say, let's try a value of 40 and see what that looks like. Cool, now, the next thing that you may want to consider doing after you've added the background, is to do a bit of color correction here. So with the the image selected, the image layer selected, we can do this by going to Effect > Color Correction > Hue and Saturation. And by clicking that, that will automatically add Hue and Saturation to our layer here, so you can find that up here. And then what we want to do is, we want to move the master hue, over here, slightly, just to give it a little bit of color. So you can make it a little bit colder by turning it clockwise or we can make it warmer by turning it anticlockwise, and you can increase the saturation here by increasing the master saturation value. So we can input a value here as well, so let's make it 50. And let's make this image colder, so let's bring this to about, let's say, 40 degrees, cool. Now, what we what we can also do is, if you want to make this fully black and white, you can also move the master saturation all the way down like so, so we can move this all the way down here. And then the next thing we can do is we can reintroduce some color tints, by going to Effect > Color Correction > Curves. And if you wanted to to reintroduce the blue tint here, so that's selecting blue, and we can bring this up slightly like so. So then you can see by dragging the bottom higher up in the graph, we can really bring the blue color up in our image, but we only want to do a slight color tint here like so. Excellent, now, remember how I mentioned you needed to become a member of Envato Elements to download the files on the site? Becoming a member with Envato Elements is really easy, simply sign up for a free account by clicking on the button here. So let me just sign out of my account here, so you can see. So create a free account by clicking on this button here, and all we need to do is fill up this form to setup your account. This will give you access to the sites free files. Now remember to unlock everything, you'll need to subscribe. Which you can do by heading back into the homepage here, scrolling all the way down, and let's find the button. So here we go, we've got subscribe now and start creating. So click on the I want unlimited downloads button, and you can go from there. Great, so that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson we'll learn how to add audio to our animation, see you all there.

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