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4.3 How to Add Audio

In this lesson you will learn how to add audio to your video. You will also learn how to use Envato Elements to find and download the music files you need.

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4.3 How to Add Audio

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Stranger Things 80s Intro course. In this lesson we'll learn how to navigate Envato elements to add some audio to our animation. So back in Envato elements we want to try and navigate the website to find some audio or some sort of musical theme tune for our intro animation. So let's go ahead and go to the Browse menu here. And for this one, we wanna go and look for Music. And you'll see now that by sort of hovering over the Music item, we can go and look for either Music Tracks or Logos & Idents. Now the one that we want to look for is actually Music Tracks as Logos & Idents are mainly used for sorts of Logo intro animations. So when your logo appears for a few seconds in the beginning of a YouTube video, for example. So let's go ahead and click on Musical Tracks. And here you'll see that we've got a whole range of musical tracks that we can have a listen to. So if we click on the Play button here you'll be able to listen to Jingle Bells here. So let's have a look at that. [MUSIC] Not quite the track that we're looking for here. So again, let's go back to the search menu, the search bar here and make sure that music has been selected. And we want to find something that suits our intro a little bit more, so let's type in 80s, Here and see what comes up. In fact, it's not quite what I had. Well, if you're looking for that sort of music for your intro then that probably might suit but we want something that's a bit more Stranger Things inspired. So let's type in Stranger Things and see what comes up, awesome. So now this is more what we're looking for. Sp we've got this retro synth sci-fi track. Let's have a listen to this and see what it sounds like. [MUSIC] >> Audio jungle. [MUSIC] >> Really nice and spooky. And you will see that we have the all your jungle sound effects that plays throughout this track as well. And that mainly acts as a source of audio watermark, which means that you need to become a member of Envato elements, in order to use the audio track without the audio jungle playing in the background. All right, now let's go ahead and listen to a couple more just to see what other options we have available to us. So let's go ahead and play this one here. >> Audio jungle. [MUSIC] That definitely has a sort of Stranger Things vibe going for it. And let's listen to one more over here. >> [SOUND] Audio jungle. [MUSIC] Audio jungle [MUSIC] >> Very, very cool. I think I like the sound of these two ones. So if we click into both of them, I'm just going to, Right-click and open link in a new tab and the same for this one. So Right-click, open link in a new tab. And we can see the full name of each of these. So this one's called retro synthwave colliding spirals and this one here is called cinematic synthwave martian landscape. So if you really want to follow along and use these two soundtracks here just go ahead and type in the name in the search bar and these will come up. Cool, so once you've chosen the song that you want to use in your project, just simply click on the button here to download it. And then we'll move on to After Effects to add it to our animation. Now that were back in After Effects let's go ahead and import our audio files into our project. So to do this, all we need to do is go to File > Import > File. Again we want to navigate to the folder containing the files and also we want to select both of these audio files here. So let's click and hold Ctrl on the keyboard to select both of these files. Again, make sure that these are all unticked, these boxes here. And then, click Import. And then, these audio files will be placed here where we can easily drag these into our composition by clicking it and dragging it Into retro text in show like so, awesome. Now, before we do anything else let's go ahead and drag our image here to the bottom of our layers just so that we can see our text on top of it like so. And now the next thing that we want to do is we want to just adjust the timing of our audio. So, let's go ahead and open up the audio layer here. Click on the audio here and then open up the wave form. Now if I zoom out of our timeline like so, now we can move the layer in our timeline and adjust the timing of when we want our audio to start in the animation. So let's go to the beginning of our animation like so. And we want the audio to sort of start around the same time, so let's go ahead and do that. And if we click on the Preview button, we'll be able to hear what that sounds like. [SOUND] Excellent. So that's it for this video. In the next lesson, we'll learn how to render our animation. See you all there.

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